Home, Office, Hosted & Wholesale VoIP

VoIP phone systems are the perfect option whether your business is big or small. The flexibility that Voice over Internet Protocol offers can’t even compare to the traditional phone systems of yesteryear. With a VoIP phone system, you are no longer limited to a specific number of extensions, so your business can grow with you without the complication of adding new lines to a traditional phone system.

In addition, VoIP phone systems can be accessed from anywhere in the world so that your employees can take and make calls without being in the office. This means even the worst weather won’t shut down your business completely. There are other benefits to VoIP that you may not have considered. Unlike a traditional phone system, it is easy to record and log phone calls for future review. You may need to access these calls for training purposes or for legal reasons.

VoIP is great for sales people because they can take their assigned phone number with them no matter where they go. Apps Communications helps Chicago businesses create a VoIP system that integrates seamlessly within their Network Solutions, so customers get the service they want and employees get the access they need.

Our experts work with you to determine the perfect mix of features for your business. Whether you just need voicemail or you want the ability to do live conference calls, transfer to other employees or take calls from anywhere in the country, we can help you design the perfect system for your needs.

VoIP phone systems are not the glitchy systems that they used to be in the early days. It is a very reliable way of handling customer calls without the expense of a traditional phone system that requires a lot of hardwiring, expensive equipment and specialized training. Apps Communications can have you up and running in a fraction of the time it would take with a traditional system and for much less money.

Apps Communications can assist you with all of the equipment you may or may not need to get your VoIP system off the ground and working great. We can create a system that is just as simple or complicated as you need it to be to fulfill your requirements. Give us a call today to get a quote for your customized VoIP phone systems.

Wholesale VoIP

In addition to our individual services for businesses, we also offer wholesale VoIP services for ISPs. Do you have customers purchasing your Internet services that might want to expand to include an online phone service? We can get you set-up to provide quality VoIP phone systems for your customers today.

Apps Communications has been offering wholesale VoIP for years, so you can be sure that your Internet customers will receive a quality product that you can feel comfortable including with your bundled services. We understand how competitive the ISP market is, and offering VoIP as an added benefit can improve your chances of earning new customers, especially when it comes to small business owners and baby boomers who prefer to have a “landline” at home.

With our wholesale VoIP services, your ISP has the ability to compete with the big boys and provide the exceptional service that your customers deserve. In addition, you will have an opportunity to snag some of the small business owners that are looking for cost-effective ways to incorporate a more robust phone system without the added expense that often comes with making the leap into the world of professional phone system equipment.

Your ISP is losing valuable upselling capabilities when you don’t have a VoIP service available. Apps Communications has the wholesale VoIP phone systems service that you can take advantage of now. Give us a call to learn more.