Affordable On-Site Software and Hardware Support

Apps Communications understands how frustrating it can be when your computer, laptop, or tablet needs repair. When you’re right in the middle of an important presentation or homework assignment is when things always seem to go wrong. Fortunately, Apps Communications has your back with affordable computer repair that is done right the first time. We know how critical your laptop is to your daily routine, which is why we take what we do seriously. Computer repair is also a critical part of any businesses ability to function. Having a functioning laptop means more than being able to see the latest posts on your favorite social media or shop your favorite store. It is also more than just binge watching your favorite show. If you are a business, you depend on having functioning computers, laptops, and tablets for your employees to complete their daily tasks. When you need computer repairs, you want them done as soon as possible. Apps Communications works hard to ensure that your equipment is back up and running with as little delay as possible.

Virus Protection

The most common problem we see with computers, laptops and even tablets is damage caused by a nasty virus. Apps Communications provides you with effective virus protection that ensures you can browse the Internet, play your favorite games, or watch a movie without worrying about the consequences to your precious device. Our virus protection keeps the bad guys from taking over your computer, corrupting your files, or simply slowing your system down to a crawl. Apps Communications will keep your device up-to-date with the latest virus protection so you can surf the Internet with peace of mind.

Hardware Repair

In many cases the computer repair that Apps Communications needs to do is related to a hardware issue. The hardware repair may be anything from a bad disk drive, an old battery, or a bad screen. Until we look into the issue, it is hard to determine what the problem is, but we are happy to do a diagnostic for you and provide you with a quote on completing the job. Hardware repair is one of the most common computer repair problems that Apps Communications deals with on a regular basis.

Hardware Upgrades

In addition to hardware repair, we also offer hardware upgrades. Upgrading your computer or laptop is an inexpensive way to extend the life of an outdated product without replacing it completely. With hardware upgrades you can improve the storage capacity, speed, or overall improvement of the machine without purchasing a new or new to you piece of equipment. Upgrades also decrease the chance of computer repair problems. This is an excellent way for companies to get more bang for their buck. Apps Communications can help you choose the hardware upgrades that will benefit your computer or laptop.

Hard Drive

Hard drive upgrades provide you with more storage capacity. Although many organizations are moving to cloud storage for files, apps, etc. Having more hard drive space is always a plus. It provides your machine with more storage capacity for items that you either need, want, or have to keep directly on your computer or laptop. Apps Communications can upgrade your hard drive, so you have more room for the items that you must have accessible without the Internet.


RAM is the internal memory that helps your computer, laptop, or tablet perform the different tasks that it does on a daily basis. This small amount of memory in comparison to your hard drive is used specifically to help your computer, laptop, or tablet access information faster. When Apps Communications installs additional RAM, it increases the amount of memory that your system has to store this information. It is important to remember that each system is limited to a specific amount of maximum RAM. Apps Communications can help you determine the maximum amount for your systems and ensure that they are all using the full amount possible to increase productivity for your employers.


Upgrading your processor is one of the best hardware upgrades you can make to your system, because this is basically swapping the current brain of your computer or laptop with a new and faster brain. When you combine upgrades of a new processor, more RAM, and a new graphics card, you are basically getting a new computer or laptop and eliminating the need for costly computer repair to a large extent. Apps Communications can help you put the pieces together to get you a faster machine without spending the money you would by purchasing new products. Unfortunately, there are limitations regarding how much you can do with upgrades. Apps Communications can help you make the right choices for you and your organizations requirements.

Graphics Card

Graphics card upgrades are one of the things that companies often overlook. However, as technology continues to advance upgrading the graphics card within a computer or laptop can make a significant difference in the performance in the system and reduce computer repair jobs. A graphics card is designed to take over the memory requirements for graphics, which frees up RAM to handle of memory requirements. This simple upgrade will not only improve the graphics visually on the screen, but also the speed of the system as a whole. A good graphics card is essential for anyone that works in a field that requires a lot of visual presentations, marketing materials, etc. Apps Communications can help you determine the right graphics card for your needs and your system.


There are other upgrades you might want to consider for your laptop or computer such as sound card upgrades, battery upgrades, motherboard upgrades, and more. Apps Communications would be happy to discuss the options available for your system and tell you more about our computer repair services.