Expert Installation, Maintenance, & Support

The security camera is part of everyday life. It is an important part of every organization’s security plan. It should also be part of your disaster relief plan. Many organizations overlook the benefits that a security camera can have on both fronts. Catching a disaster unfolding can have the same affect with your insurance company as capturing a perpetrator on a camera as the police department does when investigating a crime. It is hard to ignore direct evidence. Apps Communications is here to help you install each security camera you need in the right place for both security and disaster relief purposes. We can also assist you in the determination of the number of cameras you should deploy within your office or building.

IP Cameras

Today, the world is always connected. Why should that be any different with your security system? Apps Communications can install IP Cameras that are designed to work over the Internet, which means with the right security system in place, you will have the ability to monitor your office or building no matter where you are. IP Cameras may be purchased with a variety of resolution qualities to fit every budget. Apps Communications makes it easy for you to just “check in” to make sure things are going well, while you are on vacation, or we can set up a security system that will alert you when an alarm is triggered. You can check the situation in “real-time” using your IP Security Camera, which is sending a signal to your phone, laptop or tablet. This can help you determine if you are experiencing a false alarm that you can cancel before the authorities arrive. Having this ability could save you untold amounts of money due to local fees. Apps Communications is also available to assist you with an associated APP to make accessing your IP Cameras easy.

Wireless Cameras

Wireless Cameras can help you avoid unnecessary cables throughout your office or building. It is a more cost-effective and faster way for Apps Communications to install your security cameras. In some cases, installation may be capable in as little as one day. You can speak with an Apps Communications expert regarding the use of wireless cameras, how they affect installation, if they are IP compatible and more. Wireless cameras are available with a multitude of resolution qualities. Again, our experts are here to help. Many of the wireless camera companies use are also considered IP Cameras, so you get a system that you can monitor and get up and running in no time with the help of Apps Communications.

CCTV Cameras

CCTV Cameras utilize traditional cables to connect all of the cameras to a centralized recording system. This system records on a set basis where the recording typically gets saved to a large hard drive for a specific amount of time. However, some CCTV Cameras may be setup to use a DVR format which would then record the information to a Cloud format, keeping the data for an infinite amount of time. The CCTV systems are sometimes considered a less expensive option for small spaces and older technology. On the other hand, they are ideal for high security areas. Apps Communications has trained professionals that have experience working with CCTV Cameras and systems, so you can call on us for any specialized needs, upgrades, or repair.


Apps Communications has all the professionals in place to handle your Security Camera requirements. We understand that every organization is different. We work with each client to design a schematic that will work for you and your budget. Security Cameras do more than protect you from would be thieves. They are a great way to showcase disaster claims and ensure productivity. Please contact Apps Communication for your installation quote today.


At Apps Communications, we are also available to help you with all of your maintenance requirements for any Security Camera you have installed. We will test your systems on a regular basis, including your cameras to ensure everything is working as it should. This ensures potential problems are addressed before they arise. Apps Communications would be happy to provide you with a maintenance quote today.


Have a question about your Security Cameras? Apps Communications is available to answer help you through your problem. Contact us today for low cost individual support or add support to your monthly maintenance plan.