From Home Installations to Enterprise Level Wiring Jobs.

Apps Communications offers the proper cabling installed by professionals to get the job done for your business. We work with organizations throughout Chicago, Chicago suburbs, Illinois, and beyond. Our experts can provide you with cabling that you can count on for a long time. We never use subpar products in our installations or recabling assignments. We have over 20 years of experience, so you can rely on us to use the right cable for the job. There are a lot of cable choices out there from coax to fiber optic and each one has its place, so knowing which one to use for your situation is critical.

Voice/Data Cable

Voice/data cable is used to directly transfer voice or data signals either internally, externally or both. This type of cable may be made out of traditional copper, such as the cable used for a television signal or it can be fiber optic depending on the needs of your company. Apps Communications will work with your organization to determine the proper voice/data cable to fit your needs and budget. In some cases, you may find yourself limited by the location of your business. For instance, fiber optic cabling may not be available in your area, so the only voice/data cable available for rural Illinois or Indiana companies may be copper or coax cable similar to what is used for your television or satellite TV. The voice/data cable is used so your organization can take advantage of either traditional telephone or VOIP services. VOIP is voice over Internet protocol, which provides companies with more affordable and flexible phone systems than what a traditional structure can offer.

Cat5e Cable

Cat5e cable is used to create super-fast Ethernet connections within an organization. This is just part of the Broadband services available from Apps Communications. We utilize Cat5e Cable to create faster connections for areas such as pairing servers or connecting servers to printers or copiers. This type of cabling allows for a much faster connection than you would get with WiFi, which translates into better production rates for your employees because there is less time waiting around at copy machines or printers for pages to spool. Apps Communications can help you determine when a direct Cat5e cable system is preferable to a WiFi option. Our experts will work with you to create a schematic for your business that is based on your needs and goals for the future. We want to ensure that your system is designed to grow with you as your company expands.

Fiber Optic

Unlike other cables, Fiber optic cables are created by combining very pure strands of glass inside of a plastic coating or casing, which allows the transfer of information to occur without the interference or slowdowns that occurs with copper cables. These fibers create a network that is more reliable and faster than any other option available. Unfortunately, fiber optic cabling is limited by availability for broadband use, but it may be used within an organization. Apps Communications can help your Chicago business determine if fiber optic cabling is appropriate for your needs. It is important to consider that fiber optic cabling is the most expensive option offered because of its speed and reliability. In addition, it has the ability to transfer massive amounts of data on a much smaller size cable than any other cabling option, so it is definitely worth consideration. This is especially true for companies that are concerned about keeping up with the latest technology or having the ability to upgrade in the future. Fiber optics is definitely the way to go for future growth and expansion and Apps Communications knows this.


What is a coax cable? This is the standard cabling that you probably have in your home that connects your television to your local cable company. It has been around since the late 70s and early 80s, although the quality has improved over the years. It wasn’t until the late 90s early 2000s that the ability to use coax cabling for Internet connections became a possibility. Today, this is typically the fastest Internet connection readily available to homes and businesses. Coax cables are still used to connect audio visual equipment and it can be an important part of any schematic for your business. Apps Communications can help you determine how coaxial cabling can benefit your organization, or if it is a relic of the past that you no longer need to consider.