Seamless Integration, Maintenance, & Total Support

Apps Communications has all of your networks solutions available from one organization with over 20 years of experience. We have been working with organizations just like yours to offer cost-effective solutions for your networking needs. As technology has grown, so have our capabilities. Our goal is to ensure that your company has network solutions that will handle your current needs, while being flexible enough to expand as technology advances. Our team of experts will work with your organization whether you are located in Chicago or anywhere in Illinois, Indiana, or the surrounding region.

Secure Remote Backups

As part of our network solutions, we ensure that you have secure remote backups for all of your critical data. This means if the unthinkable happens, your data isn’t lost. You can have your business data backed up to our secure location on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis to fit your budget. If disaster strikes because of Mother Nature or a human error, we can have you back up and running as soon as you are ready to do so. This should be an important part of any disaster plan, but it is often overlooked. Companies often make the mistake of backing up their systems to a server on the premises; however, this doesn’t provide you with any real ability to access much needed system information, if a disaster strikes. If you have a flood, fire, or other problem on the premises then both servers could be destroyed. This means you have no server and no back up. With Apps Communications network solutions, we provide secure remote backups, so your information is safely stored in an offsite location in case of a disaster.

Cloud Services

Cloud services are a great way to protect your data and make it accessible to all of your employees even, when they can’t make it into the office because of travel or weather. Unlike traditional network solutions that are slow, cloud services are much faster and work based on your employee’s Internet connection. This provides much more flexibility for sales presentations or for employees from different locations to collaborate together on the same document even in “real time”. In addition, cloud services provide a safe way to protect your information in case of a natural or manmade disaster similar to secure remote back-ups. One of the experts at Apps Communications would be happy to discuss the benefits of cloud services. We can discuss the benefits of cloud services in comparison to secure remote backups, how they can work together, and whether you can use one or both services at the same time. Each company is different, and Apps Communications can help you design the perfect solution to fit your needs, whether you are a small company located in Chicago or a global organization headquartered in Illinois.

Network Security

Apps Communications understands that keeping your information secure is the most important part of any networks performance and network solutions program. Network security goes beyond protecting proprietary information from competitors. The damage that can be done because of lack-luster security on a network is profound. Your customer’s information could be at risk, as well as your employee’s personal data. Apps Communications realizes that your network security must be strong enough to undergo attack from the unscrupulous people that dwell in the dark web. Today’s network security also needs to consider the possibility of cyber-attacks from terrorists. We have experts in place that use the latest technology to ensure your information, your customers’ data, and your employees’ personal records remain safe no matter what kind of attack you might face.

Firewall/Router Setup

When you look at network security and network solutions one of the first ways to thwart an attack is with a proper firewall/router setup within each location of your organization. In fact, even if your organization only uses an intranet connection within the building for printers and copiers, you may still be vulnerable to outside attacks from cyberterrorists. A firewall/router setup that has the proper safeguards in place will ensure that these attacks are harder and easier to spot, so they can be caught prior to causing any damage or gaining any information. In addition, the way your router is setup can determine how well workflow is distributed throughout your organization. With the proper firewall/router setup, Apps Communications will help ensure that the priority jobs take precedence over less important tasks.

Network Maintenance

Without proper maintenance any network solutions are bound to start showing problems. This could be as simple as slowing down or hanging up, but it could also mean crashing in the middle of a big presentation. The worst case scenarios, when you do not do proper maintenance of your network are the complete loss of all your information through a total collapse. Although this extreme situation is rare, it can happen. Apps Communications provides regular maintenance programs for the network solutions we offer our clients. This helps prevent the annoying slowdowns that sometimes occur when a network starts getting backed up. It also ensures that problems are caught before they become a nightmare that costs you a full day of production just to get your network back up and running. Routine maintenance is the cost-effective way to avoid lost productivity in the future, and Apps Communications can help you create a maintenance plan that has the least impact on your daily routine.