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The business world is becoming more mobile everyday. From cells phones to telecommuting, very few individuals find themselves chained to a desk all day. Employers have realized that allowing their associates to work outside of the office provides added benefits to the company and its’ employees. Between the surge in technological advances that make this possible and the increasingly crowded streets of the big city, the move to mobility is inevitable. The question is really how do you accomplish this effectively and cost efficiently.

Apps Communications offers a solution to this impending problem. By combining WiFi with the VoIP service, your company can recreate the resources of an entire office using only a WiFi cellphone and a laptop, thereby reducing stress and cutting costs. With WiFi, it is really that simple. The most important advantage to the WiFi service is the ability to work cohesively with employees when they are in the office. Although this may not be an issue for your associates that are stationed in the workplace, this can be a major problem for employees that work off site and need a place to roost when in the office. The Apps Communications’ WiFi solution offers an answer to both scenarios.

We have all experienced the aggravating situation of having your cell phone ring while you are sitting at your desk. You must answer it, because it is a client calling, only you dread racking up the minutes when you are sitting next to your office phone. With the Apps Communications’ WiFi solution this will never be an issue again. When you are within the WiFi range, your cell phone can use the existing LAN lines and avoid running up your bill. When you leave the office, it will automatically revert to your cell service. Of course for the service to work properly, you must have a cell phone with WiFi capability. For the off site employee, WiFi gives them more options to conduct work when in the office. A conference room is all that is required to have the associate up and running in no time. By using their existing WiFi cell phone and a laptop, they can recreate their office environment and continue to be productive between meetings or whatever else is being handled at the time.

This offers a tremendous savings for any organization that reimburses cell phone costs to their employees. It is also an excellent perk for associates that are not reimbursed. In a tight marketplace, it is the small extras that can be the difference between landing an outstanding new employee and losing them to the competition.

In addition, employees that are constantly in and out of the office can utilize a WiFi cell phone as their only telephone. This eliminates the need for multiple phone numbers that can aggravate customers. The associate can use their WiFi cell to place calls over the LAN line when they are in the office, and revert to a traditional service when they are out. Not only is this more convenient for your clients, who will always know how to reach your staff, it is an excellent way to reduce costs as well. Rather than paying for equipment in the office and reimbursing for cell phone charges, you can eliminate the need for a separate telephone in house with the Apps Communications WiFi solution. In addition, the WiFi cell phone bills should be reduced as well, since part of the time will be spent on your current LAN line.

Apps Communications continues to search for ways to improve your bottom line. More importantly, they are dedicated to creating a work environment that is easier for both you and your employees. By providing features such as Wi-Fi, Apps Communications can reduce the stress for your employees, while decreasing your expenses. We are passionate about quality customer service, and it is our desire to offer you the features that will make your life more enjoyable and your company more profitable.

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