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Who's Calling

It's hard to keep track of who's calling you on a regular basis. Many phone calls in today's businesses tend to get displaced or just simply lost because of the overwhelming workload people have to endure when performing their jobs. Clients are usually placed on hold or transferred into voicemail where their message may not be retrieved in enough time to close that big business deal. There is no way to keep track of how many calls came in, or how many were actually answered. Well no need to worry anymore, Apps Communications’ phone systems offer a who's calling feature which displays a detailed report of telephone calls.

The who's calling option by Apps Communications is more defined than a sale tracker report. A sale tracker report only reflects the number of incoming calls to a DID number during a particular time period. A who's calling report not only entails this information, but allows you to view the date, time, and length of the phone call as well as any potential customer information that might be available. Furthermore, this report tells you who answered the phone or if the call was dropped. This refined report not only expands on the sale tracker information, but is also used by businesses to keep track of vital details about the phone call. There are several ways these reports are useful to any business associate.

The who's calling option offered by Apps Communications’ telephone systems can display daily, weekly or monthly reports on call details. It is important for any business to keep on top of such information. To begin with, these reports show how many people called a specific advertised DID number during a certain timeslot. This gives you a lucid idea of not only how many phone calls came in, but whether or not the timeslot chosen for the advertisement produced higher or lower volume. Based on how many calls came in, a business owner may decide if that particular time is acceptable to run an ad or whether the company should advertise at a different time, maybe when more people are watching TV or listening to the radio. Moreover, the who's calling feature from Apps Communications indicates how long the phone call lasted. Longer phone calls may indicate that a sale is being pushed toward a potential client. Whereas, shorter phone calls could signal that maybe employees are not spending enough time explaining the details of a product or the client is just simply no longer interested. With this type of information a business owner can decide whether or not more employees need to be hired because of increasing sales or if a few layoffs need to occur since revenue has dropped. In addition, Apps Communications’ who's calling option allows you to see which associate answered the phone or if the call was not answered at all. An employee who handles numerous calls may be pushing sales toward multiple clients or not spending enough time with each customer. On the other hand, it looks bad if the call was dropped. This tells the manager that employees are involved with other clients or not doing their jobs efficiently. Combining a who's calling report with a call details report gives a company more accurate details regarding job performance. This will allow you to determine the current workload broken down into employees versus the entire department. Businesses are restructured based on statistics like this.

Apps Communications strives to make business life as painless as possible. An adequate phone system always aids with this cause. The features offered by Apps Communications’ phone systems, including the who's calling report, will continue to provide the highest quality of service to our telephone customers now and in the future.

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