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Wholesale VoIP Services

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Apps Communications offers Wholesale VoIP Services to ISPs

Where are ISPís going to be in 10 years?

  • Is it becoming harder to sell T1 lines?
  • Is your dialup client base getting smaller?
  • Are you losing sales to DSL, Wireless, Cable, or Integrated T1 service?
Joe's obsolete ISP

In 10 years if you ask the up-and-coming generation what an ISP is, they will most likely look at you with a puzzled face. With large carriers breaking into the ISP market, the days of providing one service over a single line are becoming obsolete.

In 15 years every home and business will have one line providing all services: voice, data and media broadcast/TV. The first step in this evolution is already taking place. It started with integration of voice and data on a single circuit. Cable companies are already offering voice and data services with their broadcasting utilizing a single line. Most carriers are converting their voice services to VoIP and conventional circuits to Ethernet in anticipation of this technology revolution.

If you donít take the first step now, it may be impossible later.

Apps Communications is offering ISPs the opportunity to not only enter into the voice arena, but to be competitive.

It has always been difficult, if not impossible for ISPs to migrate into the voice arena due to the following:

  • Lack of voice experience.
  • Expensive to deploy voice switch.
  • Minimum commitments for Public Switch Access are difficult to reach.
  • Must be certified as a LEC in each state where service was offered.
  • State and Federal regulations are difficult to comply with.
  • Billing platforms are expensive to set up and maintain.

This is not an Agent Program. You buy VoIP voice ports and resell them to your clients. You maintain all data, circuit, and billing services with your clients. Apps Communications takes care of all call routing (local and long distance), E-911, directory assistance, and directory listing while remaining transparent to your clients. There are no minimum commitments, we have one flat rate with all fees included; this eliminates the need for a complicated billing system.

Why Apps Communications over other VoIP carriers?

Joe's integrated TSP

The biggest barrier for VoIP service has been that most companies' phone systems cannot take a VoIP hand off. Apps Communications overcomes this problem by providing a device that will convert the VoIP service to POTS, T1, or PRI, depending on the clientís phone system.

The device also has additional features that can be sold to the client:

It is our intent to help you transform your company from an ISP to a TSP (Telecommunications Service Provider).

Not too often does the opportunity arise where you can add an additional revenue source to your business without incurring new costs. This is one of those times.

For more information, call 800-861-0540 and ask for David Apps.

Apps Communications is pleased to announce the launch of its VoIP wholesale services. Our wholesale VoIP services are designed to help ISPs enter into the voice services arena. VoIP is the natural evolution for ISPs. The problem for most ISPs has been they are unable to meet minimum commitments needed to qualify for competitive pricing.

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