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Web Tracking

The Internet can be a vital part of your daily business. It has simplified our lives, and brought a world of information to us accessible by just the click of a mouse. Employees benefit greatly when organizations provide them with Internet access. It increases productivity and can reduce spending when implemented correctly. Studies have shown that employers who allow their associates to perform personal tasks on the Internet during their lunch hour or breaks are less stressed and require fewer days off to complete shopping or other family business. However, it becomes a detriment to the company when an employee conducts personal business on the Internet instead of performing their duties. This scenario results in lost productivity and can even impact customer service. Although this is a serious matter, even more threatening to your company’s survival is the employee who views inappropriate material on the organizations computers via the Internet. This activity can not only subject firms to civil liabilities involving charges of sexual harassment raised by the individuals co-workers, it can be illegal and result in an embarrassing situation if law enforcement gets involved.

Apps Communications understands the seriousness of this issue, and it is for this reason that we offer the add-on feature, web tracking. This service can be built in to provide protection against associates who are accessing inappropriate websites. Web tracking does require a large server to operate properly, but the security it will offer is well worth the expense. By implementing web tracking, you can monitor the types of sites your associates are visiting. Unfortunately, the Internet being what it is, employees will occasionally, inadvertently access an inappropriate site while conducting business. Web tracking will allow you to distinguish an accident from a pattern, and remove the offender from employment before any legal problems arise.

In addition, web tracking will provide insight regarding employees abusing their Internet access by surfing when they should be working. Once again web tracking can distinguish a pattern of ongoing abuse rather than a situation of someone desperately trying to purchase the birthday gift they forgot to send to Mom, so they can stop worrying and focus on business. Should an issue arise that requires you to confront an employee about their Internet usage, you will avoid the “he said, she said” scenario, because of undeniable proof of the incidents.

Furthermore, if it becomes necessary to terminate an employee due to their inappropriate use of the Internet, web tracking will provide the documentation. It is not uncommon for a grievance to be filed by an associate who has been released from the company. Documentation is the key to ensuring your organization will not suffer a loss in the civil courts. Millions of dollars are awarded to individuals everyday for unjust terminations, sexual harassment and hostile work environments. It is crucial that you protect yourself and the company from this liability. Web tracking is a simple way to accomplish a small, but vital portion of this task.

Fortunately, prevention is worth a pound of cure. By simply adding web tracking to your system and informing associates of its existence most of the temptations will be suppressed. In fact, the incidence of inappropriate Internet usage is typically reduced by the simple installation of the feature. This allows you to avoid some of the outwardly “Big Brother” situations.

Apps Communications is dedicated to providing their clients with solutions that make sense. Our main goal is to simplify your business and offer features to increase your profits. The web tracking feature is just one more way that Apps Communications can offer quality customer service, while helping our clients protect themselves from liabilities.

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