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Web Directories

The Internet is obviously the wave of the future. Everyone is aware of this fact, and Apps Communications has embraced the idea. Companies are slowly moving all of their interfaces to a web-based platform. What once was a society overrun with documents is quickly becoming a paperless world. Many organizations are throwing out their printed versions of calendars, company directories and more. They are providing their associates with quick, easy access to this information via the web.

Apps Communications recognizes this trend and now offers their clients web directories. This is a more convenient alternative to the traditional directory, which must be constantly updated and reprinted. In addition to the convenience, there is a substantial cost savings as well. Printing can be expensive, especially if you are not set-up to do it in house. Apps Communications’ web directories are an excellent way to reduce your bottom line and increase employee productivity at the same time.

Web directories are a more efficient way for your receptionist to locate employees and their extension numbers. This will reduce the clutter on his or her desk providing a more organized and refined appearance in their area. In addition, this service will speed up the process of distributing these phone calls to the appropriate individual or department, since there is no need to fumble through countless papers.

Scheduling and calendars can also be provided within web directories. This is always a sore spot with receptionists and administrative staff alike. Booking appointments or tracking down the whereabouts of your superiors is never an easy task. With the hustle and bustle of the typical office, individuals checking in and out before leaving the office or stepping into a meeting is a rare occurrence. Unfortunately, your staff not knowing where to locate you can give a very unprofessional appearance to your clients. By incorporating a web-based scheduler, the entire office can maintain their appointments easily. Most importantly, your support staff will be able to inform customers that you are out of the office and notify them of your expected return. All of this information can be quickly obtained while the caller is on the phone by accessing the scheduler online. In addition, your administrative staff will have no problems arranging an important conference call or meeting the next time a crisis arises. They will have access to the schedules of all persons who need to attend and can easily coordinate an appropriate time.

Apps Communications customizes this service at an additional charge to ensure that your needs are met. In addition to the web directories and scheduler, your organization can include any pertinent data that might need to be accessed by employees on a regular basis. Rather than wasting paper, which creates more documents for your associates to keep up with, you can include these items in a web directory for immediate accessibility. Our offices, if you are lucky to have one, are shrinking by the minute, and space has become one of the biggest commodities. Eliminating unneeded clutter and streamlining the way your business operates will not only reduce costs and increase space, but it will also reduce the daily stress your employees cope with every day.

Apps Communications is committed to making your life easier and less stressful with innovative products, such as web directories. By implementing our products you can reduce expenses and boost productivity for all of your employees. We strive to offer the most technologically advanced solutions for your business combined with our stellar customer service. Apps Communications looks forward to providing you with excellent service for years to come.

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