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AppsTel VoIP Telephone System

VoIP Telephone System

AppsTel VoIP Telephone System, The solution to your telephone needs.

Whether you are looking for a fully enabled VoIP system, or simply a conversion from TDM to VoIP interface, the AppsTel system provide the solution you are looking for.

VoIP (Voice-Over-Internet Protocol) was designed to transmit data, images, and voice communication throughout the Internet, reducing long-distance telephone charges and saving you money. Our VoIP telephone system offers the same features as your standard PBX phone system, plus much more.

Based on an Asterisk backend and SIP compatible, the AppsTel, Apps Communications' VoIP telephone system, is a fully-featured phone system that allows smooth, quick, and easy integration with CRM applications via TCIP (Transit Communications Interface Profiles) connections for both LAN and WAN systems. The VoIP telephone system can be used as a stand-alone VoIP phone switch or in conjunction with your existing telephone system. When used with your existing telephone system, the cost of implementation can be greatly reduced (some restrictions do apply).

The VoIP telephone system has both administrator and user browser-based interfaces. The interfaces allow quick and easy customizing of users' personal settings, along with administrator reports. Administrators have access to a number of telephone reports, including Call Tracking, Phone Usage, Availability, and Check-in and out times.

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AppsTel used as VoIP Converter System:

VoIP Telephone System for CRM Applications Integration

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