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VoIP Mobility

Being constantly available to your clients is a common problem for many businesses. This is especially true for those that provide ongoing support for their clients. VoIP mobility offers an excellent solution.

VoIP mobility can streamline your sales staff and technical support personnel to create more cohesive communication throughout your office. This relatively new technology that Apps Communications is offering its’ clients provides more access to employees. More importantly, this service works for your customers and your staff to ensure phone calls are handled in a timely manner.

The days of giving out multiple numbers to your co-workers and customers are long gone. VoIP mobility offers a simple solution to this age-old problem. It is not unusual for individuals to have several phone numbers. The inconvenience arises when you are trying to reach this person and have to guess which number to use. Typically, we start dialing their office phone only to get a voicemail. If you are lucky, there will only be a cell phone left to try, but as telecommuting becomes more prevalent, you could find yourself fumbling to find yet another number. Rather than hunting down a coworker by trying multiple locations, it is now possible to dial one number and have all their phones ring at the same time. The principle is very simple, but ingenious. The caller dials a number, and all of their phones ring at once. The one that is answered first receives the call. This concept works when dialing internally or externally.

As you can see the benefits are endless. This is especially true for companies with their own technical team, or that offer support to their customers. The most efficient part of VoIP mobility is the ability to ring several employees through one number. Your clients can now dial in to the technical support number and all of the employees on call will be contacted immediately. The individual who answer’s first will receive the call. This will greatly increase customer satisfaction levels.

In addition, this service can assist your after hours staff as well. With VoIP mobility, work will not come to a screeching halt the next time there is a server problem or other issue. Anyone from your staff can easily dial the extension for tech support and reach someone on call to resolve the situation quickly and get everyone back to work. This simple feature will save you thousands in lost revenue.

Of course, VoIP mobility is not just an excellent tool for your technical staff; it is also a valuable asset for your sales employees. It is inevitable that salespeople be out of the office meeting with clients. In fact, face-to-face meetings are the best way to close a deal. However, associates that are on the road can be difficult to reach. By incorporating the VoIP mobility feature, you can ensure that your customers can reach their representative no matter where they are. In addition, sales that might have been missed can still be consummated even when there are no sales associates in the office.

Apps Communications is dedicated to providing their customers with quality features that will enhance their business. Apps Communications not only offers VoIP mobility to their clients, they also use the service for their own technical support staff. You can rest assured that all of the quality services offered by Apps Communications will be backed by excellent customer service.

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