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Voicemail Usage

The world of business is constantly crowded with messy paper loads overrunning your empty coffee cups and bloated files filled to the limit. It is your job as an employee to occasionally clean up your workspace so there is more room to replenish it again with reports and documents. The equipment we use at work falls into this category, as well. Technology is like a pipe; sometimes it needs to be cleaned out to remove the clogs that form over time. Our voicemail is no exception to this train of thought because sometimes it gets backed up with a plethora of unchecked messages. Apps Communications’ telephone system offers a voicemail usage option so you can examine the number of times users view their voicemail as well as how long these messages stay in the system before being retrieved.

It is important to stay on top of things in a timely manner. By not doing so you only create more work for yourself and your fellow co-workers as well. Apps Communications’ voicemail usage feature allows you to make sure your employees are keeping ahead of the game by giving you the opportunity of seeing how many voicemail messages have been left in someone’s box when the report is run and printed out. Employees can leave numerous overlooked messages in their voicemail because of a hectic schedule filled with meetings and ravenous business clients. If these messages remain forgotten the overflow can be enormous. Think of an employee who has called in sick for the day. They may have as little as one or two phone calls or as many as twenty. This problem should not be left to guess work. Apps Communications’ voice mail usage feature allows you to scan how many messages are still outstanding so you can transfer callbacks to another employee.

Voicemail usage reports from Apps Communications’ phone systems may also tell you if it is time to restructure your company or a certain department within your business. A report which displays too many voicemails for an employee may lead one to wonder whether or not this individual may be bogged down with more than he or she can handle from a clientele standpoint or not performing their job properly. By referring to the report you can determine the amount of times the employee is checking their voicemail per day. If this is a case of too many clients for one person to handle, it may be time to transfer some of the workload over to another associate who can help maintain a high level of customer service through prompt callbacks. If, on the other hand, the report shows that your associates are all constantly checking their voicemail, but are still overwhelmed with messages, you will know it is time to hire more employees.

Moreover, the voicemail usage report may reflect a situation where the majority of employees have been returning their backlogged phone messages. However, one or two individuals are still showing a high number of messages in their box and are not checking their voicemail in a timely manner. If this is the case, disciplinary action or dismissal may be required. Apps Communications’ voicemail usage report offers legal protection for your company against possible lawsuits that might result from termination.

Whatever the case might be, Apps Communications’ voicemail usage option gives you a better idea of how your business is functioning on a customer service level and whether or not you need to make individual adjustments. The voicemail usage feature on Apps Communications’ phone system gives business owners a discreet advantage over their competition, which may not have the capacity of randomly checking voicemail usage amongst their employees. Not only do these reports keep your employees on their feet, they provide valuable information to help your company grow.

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