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Voicemail Groups

The copious amounts of incoming information a business has to deal with everyday can be overwhelming as well as time consuming. Many times throughout the busy day our phones appear to ring almost as soon as we hang up. Whether it is a business client calling about information on a product, or a coworker who wants to discuss the details of an impending project, our telephones can sometimes drive us to the breaking point. Apps Communications is mindful of the stress a telephone can create and now offers voicemail groups, so messages can be distributed to an individual or a larger group of people.

There are numerous times during our hectic day when we cannot always be at our desks to answer the phone. You may be busy in a meeting with all of your coworkers within the department or just simply have to step outside for a short break. The voicemail groups feature available on Apps Communications’ telephone system allows callers to leave their message when you are not present, so you can retrieve any important information when you return. If you are one of those individuals who tend to let their voicemail back up before checking it, then combining Apps Communications’ text messaging option with the voicemail groups feature will alert you when a message has been left in your box. This way there is no delay if an important business client needs you to call back right away because of an urgent matter.

Apps Communications’ voicemail groups option has an advantage over just regular voicemail storage. An incoming call to a department does not have to be transferred to a single person, but can be placed into the boxes of many people at the same time. Maybe there is a caller associated with the company who needs to let a certain department know that the deadline has changed for that big project they are engaged in. Maybe the due date has moved up. This would be information that everyone would need to know as soon as possible. With voicemail groups a vital message such as this can be left for the entire unit, even if you call after hours. It is easy to get the information to everyone without dialing in a bunch of extensions. You simply select the appropriate group and send the voicemail. It’s that straightforward.  Setting up the groups is a clear-cut process that can be easily accomplished on your phone or over the web interface.

In addition, voicemail groups give the caller reassurance that someone will hear their message. Maybe there is a stomach virus going around the office and a couple of employees are out sick for the day. If a message was left for either one of those people then the response may be delayed until they return. However, Apps Communications’ voicemail groups will store a message for multiple people in the same department so someone who is at work could call you back to help with any questions you may have.

Life on the job can busy as well as crazy at times. Your phone system should never be a contributing factor to insanity. Apps Communications’ voicemail groups option along with other features is designed to bring a little clarity to your cluttered brain. With Apps Communications you will always feel free from the confining pressures of the business institution.

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