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Voice Services

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Voice Services

The evolving business domain requires effective cost efficient communication, and voice services are one way to ensure your communication process is operating at the highest level of efficiency possible. VOIP or Voice-Over-Internet-Protocol is paving the way for businesses to access a more versatile and cost effective communication option. VOIP is a special type of voice service that involves an alternative to traditional telephone service. Businesses that use VOIP voice services have the capability to transmit data, images, and voice communication all throughout the Internet, which in turn decreases your long distance charges and enables you to have a cost efficient phone system. A good voice service system, such as those offered by Apps Communications, allows you to easily upgrade the service and change employee phone numbers. Updating your phone system can be a full time job with traditional systems. VOIP provides a more flexible option, which is easily expanded or upgraded. A high quality voice service system not only allows you to handle daily phone calls, but also provides you with added features, such as caller ID and conferencing. Voice services allow you to forward a telephone call to your cell phone, and the ability to receive messages through email along with a variety of other convenient features. This makes multi-tasking easier and produces better job efficiency among employees that might be overwhelmed with duties, including answering their phone.

VoIP Systems from Apps Communications

A VOIP voice service system allows your business to run in an efficient and cost effective manner. Apps Communications is a voice service provider that has created customized VOIP systems that will work with your specific telephone system, giving you all the advantages of VOIP without the expense. By working with a variety of companies, Apps Communications has developed VOIP solution packages that offer special features that fit the needs of today’s business clients. Some of these special features allow you to know who is calling and to record inbound calls for review. Other unique features in these voice service packages include CRM integration, XML log exports, targeted hold music, do not disturb, billing reports and sales tracker ability. Sales tracker produces reports on incoming calls strictly based on the number that is used. This gives clients the advantage of being able to assign DID numbers, in order to track the results of advertising campaigns to ensure that you are making the most of your marketing dollars in difficult financial times.

Transformation on the Horizon

A transformation is under way on a global scale. In the very near future, most homes and businesses will have a single provider offering all kinds of services from voice service to television. The integration of voice services and data into a single circuit is a crucial step in the voice service arena. Internet service providers or ISPs will soon become an important gateway to the future, so Apps Communications is offering ISPs the opportunity to branch out into the voice service domain and enhance their competitive angle. By purchasing VOIP voice ports, ISPs can resell these voice ports to their clients, while maintaining all data, circuit, and billing services with your client. Apps Communications will take care of all local and long distance call routing, E-911, directory assistance and directory listing. Selecting Apps Communications as your voice system service provider has its advantages. We have specialized devices that will convert VOIP service to POTS, T1, and PRI depending on what type of phone system your client has. This device also contains the special features discussed above, and you have the option of selling these to your clients. Our goal is to transform your company from an Internet Service Provider to a Telecommunications Service Provider by offering unique voice system services. For more information about our voice services, check out our solutions section.

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