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Today’s erratic business owners rest their faith in their employees and the work they produce on a day-to-day basis. The more work individuals can handle over a short period of time usually results in greater output for the company, thus increasing business. If work becomes more sporadic then output decreases resulting in reduced clients and sales. The same could be said when it comes to our business telephones. The more time we spend on the phone with clients, the greater the outcome, whereas less time spent on potential business investors could result in a lost deal, thus decreasing your business’s income. The owner is usually the one person who is more concerned about statistics like these than anyone else. Apps Communications understands the needs of being the big man on top and offers a telephone usage report as an added feature to their phone system.

The telephone usage report from Apps Communications displays the number of hours each employee has been on the phone. Although this is a simple concept, it is a very important one to notice. How we use our telephone at work says a lot about what type of an employee others see when evaluations roll around. Apps Communications’ telephone usage report not only reflects the number of hours an individual or department spends on the phone, but also its data may indicate a trend, which requires change within the company.

Telephone usage is always scrutinized closely while you are on the job. If you are a telemarketer or an operator then you are expected to be on the phone quite often. A telephone usage report would reflect a high number of usage hours and indicate to your boss that you are doing your job like you are supposed to do. If your usage hours are low then one might scratch their head and begin to wonder if you have been showing up to work everyday. These types of jobs are the exception rather than the rule. Most of us only have so much time to spend on the phone during a busy day. However, even when your job does not require you to be on the phone 40 hours a week, the usage report should indicate a pattern of telephone use so the manager can get a general idea of his or her company's output. This pattern goes one of two ways high usage versus low usage. An Apps Communications’ telephone that reflects a high-volume of usage may give the impression that someone is spending too much time on the phone. However, if all of the phone calls have been business related then the phone usage time has been productive and considered positive. If phone usage time is low then you may think that an employee is busy attending to other important business matters and not wasting valuable time talking away with their friends. However, low phone usage can sometimes hurt a business if the employee is not spending enough time with clients.

Now look at a larger example of phone use. Let's say we obtain an Apps Communications’ phone usage report for the entire department. A high number of hours might be seen as an overload to that particular department, and the workload might need to be spread out more. However, a low number of hours could also represent people doing their jobs, but reflect an overload of employees answering the telephones, which might require layoffs. Whatever the case Apps Communications’ telephone usage report is very insightful, especially when used in conjunction with a call details report showing how many clients are placed on hold versus how many calls were actually taken. These reports also reflect how many calls were transferred over to voicemail. Apps Communications’ call detail and call usage reports let the manager know if he or she needs to restructure certain departments by adding more salespeople or terminating certain individuals because they are not performing their job.

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