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Unified Messaging

These are hectic times, and we need all the help we can get to keep on top of our every day requirements. Between meeting deadlines, answering phones and checking e-mail, it is easy to get flustered. Unfortunately, all of this chaos often results in items being overlooked. It is for this reason that Apps Communications offers it’s VoIP customers unified messaging, a unique way for your employees to stay better informed.

This feature provides a more streamlined approach to daily communication. Unified messaging is an excellent solution for any busy office regardless of size. In the business world today, people are constantly bouncing between checking voicemail, email and fax machines, when combined with looming deadlines this can be overwhelming. By eliminating unneeded steps in your employee’s day, you can increase productivity and customer service at the same time while reducing stress.

Unified messaging allows you and your employees to receive voicemails in an easy to use .wav format via email. Although some companies might balk at this idea, this can be a great benefit for organizations that have telemarketing, sales or technical support staff. These individuals are typically at their desks or on the phone the majority of the day. Allowing them to receive their voicemails through their company email removes an additional time consuming step from their routine. More importantly, associates that might overlook a voicemail will seldom overlook an email, since most individuals tend to check this more frequently.

Employees that are on their phone all day will find it easier and much quicker to retrieve vital voicemails through email. In addition, sales staff will have a way to access their messages while traveling without dialing long distance to retrieve them. This feature will only work if your company offers a web based email system or server access for employees. Although, depending on the policies of your organization, if you do not provide web based email access, your sales associates could forward business emails to their personal account when they are traveling and retrieve voicemails in this manner.

Another feature of unified messaging is the ability to keep voicemails indefinitely without the need for massive amounts of server space. Messages are typically only saved for a specific period of time due to system requirements. Because the voicemails are forwarded to an email account, individuals will have the ability to store them on their computer or burn them to a CD. This can be a crucial form of accountability. In addition, this critical information can mean the difference between winning and losing a legal battle. In today’s society as people have become more sue happy, retaining all documentation has become a necessity.

Apps Communications is determined to constantly provide the tools necessary to simplify our lives. Through innovative features, such as unified messaging, Apps Communications is ensuring that your company has the means to improve productivity and offer the best customer service possible. Apps Communications will continue to bestow excellent customer service to their clients, and strive to implement the newest technologies to help reduce the stress in your life.

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