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Targeted Hold Music

One of the inevitabilities of life is being asked to on stay on the line, while the person we are speaking with attends to other business. In addition, every business realizes that they will be forced to place their clients on hold periodically. Apps Communications strives to stay informed about the latest innovations and research, and recently we've begun offering the benefits of targeted hold music.

Scientists have discovered that the wrong hold music can greatly affect your customer’s reaction to your company. The same is true for the absence of music. Studies have proven that people’s reactions toward an organization can be affected by different arrangements being played while they wait for the next operator. This effect can actually increase your sales, and establish a more loyal customer just by utilizing targeted hold music. Of course, this means that the opposite is true as well. Poorly chosen background noise whether it is silence or an irritating buzz can result in negative sales and disloyal consumers. Up to seventy percent of your callers will just hang up immediately. Some selections of music can have a similar negative effect. Because placing clients or potential customers on hold is such an essential part of any business, Apps Communications offers the benefit of adding your own MP3’s to maximize the impact of targeted hold music.

It is amazing to think how many companies select their background melodies for clients on hold without giving it another thought. The research proves the need for control over this feature of your phone system, and Apps Communications’ targeted hold music allows you to customize these features with MP3’s geared toward improving your bottom line. Selecting your music may be the hardest part, but installing it will be the easiest. Apps Communications has created a simple way to utilize your MP3’s for targeted hold music. With our system it is as easy as uploading a file to the Internet. The user-friendly menu then allows you to select different MP3’s as needed, and adjust everything from play time to adding announcements over your targeted hold music that inform customers of their wait time.

There are many options for choosing MP3’s for your targeted hold music. This can be a combination of soothing melodies and informational sales pitches, or a commercial touting items that are specially priced.  What makes this system so powerful is the ability for your targeted hold music to be easily updated on a frequent basis. Without this feature, cumbersome steps and a long drawn out process would prevent the system from working efficiently.

Apps Communications offers this valuable service as one of the advanced features of their VOIP system. To enjoy the same, targeted hold music application elsewhere, you would be required to pay a pretty hefty sum, but Apps Communications provides targeted hold music for your MP3’s as an added bonus for their clients.

Although the studies vary on whether music is more effective than a commercial message, the fact is that either one or a combination of both is much less damaging than complete silence on your customer’s end of the phone, which is tantamount to profit suicide. Regardless, Apps Communications will provide you with quality customer service and user-friendly targeted hold music options for your MP3’s to ensure your businesses success.

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