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Web Mail Tutorials

Setting Up Filters

Step 1:

Log In to appsmail.com.

Step 2:

step 2 browser screenshot
Open the Options and Styles... drop-down menu at the upper right hand screen corner and click Filters.

Step 3:

step 3 browser screenshot
In the My Filters pop-up window, click the Add button.

Step 4:

step 4 browser screenshot
Use the drop-down menu to select which field to add a rule to. Select one of the two condition radio buttons (contain or doesn't contain). Type in a phrase to use as a rule, and click the Add Condition button.

Step 5:

step 5 browser screenshot
Click the new rule in the Rules list. Select the Filter Action from the drop-down menu.

If you choose the Move the message to this mailbox: action, type the name of a mailbox folder to send the message to in the Destination field. If the folder does not already exist, it will be created when you receive a message matching your filter rule.

If you choose the Send with Copy to: or Forward the message to:, type the email address to copy or forward to in the Destination field.

Step 6:

step 6 browser screenshot
Click the Finish button, and close the window.

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