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Sales Tracker

Apps Communications offers many beneficial VOIP phone features, but the one that will give you the most bang for your buck is the sales tracker combined with DID numbers. This feature allows you to track the number of calls received, and much more. Through this feature you can scrutinize each ad campaign for effectiveness based on the number of calls received.

DID numbers combined with Apps Communications’ sales tracker are a powerful tool. You can monitor the efficiency of a marketing campaign or advertising spot by assigning a DID number. Then use sales tracker to acquire call volume information reports. Apps Communications understands the importance of stretching your advertising dollars, and by combining the usefulness of DID numbers with the power of sales tracker, you can ensure that your marketing dollars will be stretched to the limit. You can translate the call data into the most appropriate time for an ad to run or conversely when not to pay for airtime.

Each call that is received at a specific DID number is recorded as raw data. This raw data could be overwhelming and useless information, but thanks to Apps Communications development of sales tracker, suddenly these statistics can  become a valuable asset. By expanding your sales tracker feature, you will be able to access more detailed information, including unlisted and cell phone numbers. This data is invaluable for establishing a customer base to target for further products. In addition, the phone numbers you receive can be used to acquire even more detailed information about your customers.

As with all of Apps Communications’ features, sales tracker has a convenient web based interface for easily and quickly retrieving records. The information collected from your DID numbers is available on an almost real time basis. When combined with the national database and formatted into easy to understand reports available through sales trackers, you will be amazed at the wealth of data for your marketing team to pour over. Your campaigns will be more effective than ever, and the quality will only improve with time. Apps Communications experienced staff will assist you with any questions you might have to ensure you are receiving the quality data. In addition, Apps Communications offers processes for obtaining call to sales ratios. Your marketing department will even be able to determine which areas of the country or city are responding best to your ads based on the exchanges retrieved from the national database.

The sales tracker feature has been created to assist with all types of marketing including, print, billboards, mailers, and even web based campaigns. The concept is viable with all avenues of advertising. By simply studying your call volumes you could save millions of dollars by adjusting your advertising campaign to focus on high level time slots. Now that is compelling information! Apps Communications offers this as an advanced feature for their clients, because they understand the importance of making every dollar count.

Because Apps Communications developed sales tracker, it is relatively easy to use. Therefore, you won’t need an army of engineers to get the most out of the feature. However, should you have any questions, Apps Communications is always available to assist you in any way possible. With reports you can access in real time, and the ability to retrieve additional information from a national database, this is an excellent solution for anyone wanting to make the most out of their advertising dollar. In addition, technology, like sales tracker, will undoubtedly increase your sales as you learn your market more intimately, and can better focus advertising campaigns for the maximum benefit. Now that’s a concept worth exploring!

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