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Remote Location Capability

The current direction of the economy seems to suggest a continued atmosphere of prosperity for all businesses. This should create more opportunities for growth.

As your business expands and becomes larger it may be necessary to open a remote or satellite office in order to best serve your clients. In addition, an untapped market may encourage you to establish a new location to enable your business to capture some of the potential sales and growth in that area. Both of these cases are a major step, providing risk and potential development possibilities for your firm. However, the expense of this type of venture can be overwhelming especially to a small business owner trying to compete with the major conglomerates. Apps Communications’ understands this strain on resources and has developed a product that allows remote location capabilities, which permit you to use the phone system throughout all of your offices.

Not only can you piggyback your new location on your existing phone system, your new remote offices will benefit from the same features and ease of use as the current operations. This will also reduce training costs and learning time. Individuals moving to your new location will already be familiar with the system. You will also be able to provide training to new employees in house, for a more time and cost efficient solution. In addition, since the remote location capability of the telephone system works seamlessly you will have the added bonus of repositioning extra equipment at the new office without the worry of compatibility issues. All of these items equal to a reduction in the money spent to establish your remote office.

If on the other hand you already have several remote offices, the added benefit of establishing only one new phone system that can be used throughout your company will create a more uniformed approach to your communication needs. In addition, you can avoid purchasing separate systems for each office at a much greater expense. Regardless, all of your offices will receive the same quality service, and the remote location capability feature will ensure the transition will be simple.

Items such as call forwarding; call transferring and paging are available to your employees in all offices with the use of remote location capability. Most importantly, they will be able to access the features as if they were in the same office as their co-workers. This greatly improves customer service, because clients who inadvertently call the wrong destination can be conveniently transferred to the proper location without asking the customer to call a different number. Your associates will also have the ability to page an individual throughout all of your offices in order to transfer a call or determine their whereabouts with the remote location capability feature. If you have employees that will travel between offices, they will be able to work more efficiently by call forwarding their calls between regions. This not only increases productivity and customer service, but also will decrease cell phone bills and result in ultimate savings for your company. Unfortunately, there are some restrictions to E911 that cannot be prevented, but the benefits far outweigh this inconvenience.

The innovative idea of remote location capability sets Apps Communications apart from their competition. By providing smaller and larger businesses with cost effective ways to utilize their current phone system in multiple locations, Apps has made expansion a little easier. The associates at Apps Communications are dedicated to providing you with quality service. They would be happy to explain the benefits of remote location capability to you personally.

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