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Recorded Call Log

Keeping track of your business is not always an easy task. It is sometimes even more difficult to stay on top of every employee's individual work ethic. However, it is important that employers do this from time to time in order to establish a cohesive system for work output, while keeping employees on their toes. Our phone system is no different. Business telephones are to be used for work related issues only, barring an emergency in which the individual has to take personal time on the clock. Apps Communications’ telephone system adheres to this policy and has implemented a recorded call log feature on its telephones so you can review calls if needed.

Apps Communications’ recorded call log allows you to record all calls and archive them on the system for later review. A bigger server is always an added bonus with such a feature, because this allows you to store more calls for future reference. A recorded call log is important to any business whether it be a large-scale corporation, or a small mercantile owner around the corner.

There are many times when you have placed a telephone call and hear the recording “for quality assurance your call may be recorded…etc.” This is what Apps Communications’ recorded call log does. It tapes the actual phone conversation between you and the customer service representative on the other line. This is not intended to scare you into thinking the recorded conversation will be used against you in a court or something, but rather as a reference tool which employers can use if any questions arise before or after a sale is complete. Let's say you have purchased a product over the phone and all the details of this product were discussed, including warranty and return information. You receive your product via mail service but it does not display the features, which were described over the phone. You call back demanding a new product or your money back. If there are questions surrounding the sales person who described the product to you, then a recorded call log will replay that phone conversation and detail the specifics of what was said and what was not. This will give the employer an idea of who is telling the truth. Maybe the sales representative left some vital information out about the product or maybe the customer is just overreacting and did not listen very well over the phone. Whatever the case, Apps Communications’ recorded call log will clear up a messy situation such as this.

In addition to clearing the air with the customer, Apps Communications’ recorded call log feature allows you to review a call and determine a sales representatives work performance. Many businesses have a certain script that employees must follow when trying to push a sale over the phone. An employee who veers away from procedure will usually be scrutinized more, because they are not doing what they are told. Rules need to be followed and Apps Communications’ recorded call log allows the employer to hear for themselves who is stepping out of line, and who is performing their job at the highest level of satisfaction.

The people at Apps Communications understand the necessity of a recorded call log for businesses and its employers. A recorded call log is another way to ensure your receiving the best production from your employees. Apps Communications wants to help your business grow with the strongest employees possible, while continuing to place your telephone needs ahead of all the competition.

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