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Programmable Buttons

Your telephone system should not be limited to basic features that don’t offer the versatility needed within the workplace. Many people who put long hours in on the job deserve a phone system which allows them to work in an efficient, quick manner. Apps Communications would like to introduce you to a telephone, which will do just this. With numerous advanced features to choose from, Apps Communications offers programmable buttons, which allow a user to encode most options that are available.

All employees want their business to run as effectively as possible without the everyday interruptions, which tend to slow down work output. Programmable buttons make using your Apps Communications’ phone system easy since you can access many advanced features with just the touch of a single button. Maybe you need to transfer a call or even place a call on hold. With programmable buttons you can do this rapidly in one easy step.

Work can be extremely hectic and none of us have enough time to answer every phone call that comes through. The programmable buttons option allows you to transfer some of these calls to other departments or even place them into voicemail for later review. Programmable buttons can also be set up if you are away from your desk because of a meeting or even out to lunch. You can select a button on your phone that will allow you to immediately send your calls to voicemail without the annoying ringing. Combine this with the customized notification option and your customer will know where you are and when you will be returning. With one push of this new programmable button before you leave, your colleagues’ nerves will be spared aggravating ring tones.

Programmable buttons are important when it comes to saving time and adhering to scrupulous details. There is a way to save time on one of your daily routines. By using programmable buttons you can set up a one-touch method for accessing your voicemail. This will eliminate the need for dialing into your voicemail each time you need to check a message. With the push of a single button you will automatically dial into your voicemail so you can retrieve any new messages. By combining these small time savers, you can free up your day for more important issues.

Apps Communications programmable buttons allow you to use other features such as do not disturb and speed dial. There are many times when we cannot be bothered at work because we are busy with a client or simply need to catch up on an unfinished project. One push of a programmable button with the do not disturb feature allows you to make up lost time so you can get back to those sales calls as quick as possible. Moreover, programmable buttons with speed dial gives you the advantage of calling a long distance number without having to enter eccentric encryptions to complete an overseas phone call.

The advantages which Apps Communication’s telephone systems offer businesses are far reaching. Programmable buttons allow you to use many of the specialized features from Apps Communications in one, simple time efficient step. Your telephone will not only become easier to use, but more enjoyable as well.

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