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Park Calls

International commerce has created more competition than ever, as our borders seem to slowly disappear. The Internet has changed the way we must handle every aspect of our industries to fight for a piece of the pie. Apps Communications understands the struggle this causes businesses who are trying to increase sales, yet still maintain a high level of customer service in our hectic world. It is for this reason that park calls has been added as a feature to our telephone service. This option offers your employees more flexibility when handling incoming calls.

Park calls is a more efficient way to address a client’s needs without resorting to voicemail or placing customers on hold. Because these calls will not have access to voicemail or the attendant, associates handle them with a sense of urgency. In addition, your clients will feel their call is being handled with the utmost care and concern. When used in conjunction with a paging system or text message, a receptionist or assistant can park calls for another associate and alert them that a client is waiting. The employee will be told over the paging system where to retrieve the call. Unlike placing a client on hold, the associate does not need to be at their desk to answer the call. The client can be reached from any phone in the office by dialing the code to accept the call. This prevents lost time needed for the employee to return to his or her desk and ensures the call is handled quickly and professionally. This simple feature is an excellent way to increase customer service and work productivity at the same time.

Park calls can also be used to distinguish an urgent matter from a typical issue. For instance, if a client phones into your office with a pressing matter they can be placed in park calls. The operator can announce that the call has been parked. If standards have been predetermined that allow only urgent requests be parked, the associate will realize immediately that the call must be taken at once. Clients, who don’t have a serious issue, can be placed in voicemail as usual. This type of designation can prevent customers with a crisis from inadvertently being dumped in a voicemail system where their message may sit for hours.

When a customer is placed in park calls, they will enjoy music or an informational message while they wait for an associate to answer. This provides an excellent opportunity for your business to increase sales and customer loyalty, especially since the nature of park calls urges associates to tend to the needs of these clients more rapidly.

Conference calls are more prevalent than ever as people realize that business does not need to be conducted in person. When a client telephones your office to participate in a conference call, your receptionist can place the customer in park calls and announce their code over your paging system. This will allow your associates to convene at the appropriate meeting space and retrieve the call without the hassles of placing the client on hold, and then contacting the front desk to have the call transferred into the room. Once again it is clear how park calls can streamline your company’s day-to-day affairs.

By utilizing park calls and the other services offered by Apps Communications, your firm could ensure their place in the world markets. Companies that do not use the latest technology to their benefit will surely see themselves left behind as international trade continues to dominate our world. Apps communications is dedicated to providing the alternative solutions to help your business achieve its full potential.

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