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Overhead Paging

Technology may be advancing rapidly, but some things from the past are still useful today. Sometimes, combining the new with the old provides an even better solution for each enterprise’s quandaries. Apps Communications realized that by marrying their phone system features with overhead paging so they could provide a more efficient answer to an age-old problem.

Many companies have tried to move away from overhead paging, because they feel it is obnoxious. The truth of the matter is excellent customer service depends on reaching employees quickly, and there is no more efficient way to accomplish this than with overhead paging. The new fangled gadgets that are available today make doing business much more effective, but they cannot track down an individual like overhead paging can. Apps Communications has taken the time to improve this feature to work more efficiently for industries of the 21st century. Unlike the systems of yesteryear that blared out an individual’s name over a loud speaker, the improved overhead paging system allows you to announce a call holding or a visitor waiting in the lobby via the speakers on an employee’s phone. This greatly reduces the need for overhead paging in the traditional sense.

The reality for employees of any size company is that they will need to leave their desks periodically throughout the day. The problem arises when an important client phones in with an urgent matter. Proper handling of this situation is vital to maintaining optimal customer service. For instance, the caller should be transferred into voicemail only as a last resort. Fortunately, you can avoid voicemail by simply using overhead paging to announce the call over the speakers of the associate’s phone or throughout the office. Clients greatly appreciate a company that has the ability to page their employees when they are not at their desk.

Overhead paging is also a convenient way to announce a guest in the lobby when someone is on their phone. It avoids the problem of overlooked voicemails or text messages, and ensures the customer will be attended to quickly and not forgotten. Your clients will also feel that they are being handled with the utmost care and consideration. When they are told you will alert the associate to their arrival, the client will immediately feel important and appreciated. The employee with a waiting guest will know to wrap up a phone call or send an assistant to offer refreshments to the individual and escort them to a conference room. It is these small gestures that create customers for life.

Another way to implement overhead paging is for conference calls that will be attended by multiple employees. It is not unusual in the business world that meeting space is difficult to locate. In addition, other pressing matters can delay callers. By instructing an assistant or receptionist to use overhead paging when the conference call arrives at the switch board, your employees can get the most out of the time before the call begins. Once assembled in the room, the individual announcing the call can be contacted, and the call transferred to the appropriate extension.

Unfortunately, the world has changed since September 11th. Companies are implementing emergency plans to prevent being caught off guard should the unthinkable occur. Overhead paging can play a vital role in alerting your emergency response personnel of a crisis and directing employees on the proper course of action, such as evacuating the building. Although, we may not have the security we once felt, we are much more prepared for any disaster. Implementing overhead paging into your safety plan is an excellent way to communicate with your entire office should an emergency arise.

Apps Communications is dedicated to providing features that will increase your ability to provide excellent customer service for your clients. In addition, we strive to assist you in offering more streamlined ways for your employees to complete their daily tasks. Apps Communications will constantly improve our services to offer integrated products that not only make life easier, but also safer.

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