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Night Service

Fortunately, even in the busiest office there are times when we can return home to spend time with our families. For this reason, Apps Communications has created a user-friendly night service feature to coincide with their VOIP service. Unlike the antiquated structures of yesteryear, the functions on the Apps Communications’ system are easy to program over a web-based interface. The exceptional functionality will provide you with peace of mind throughout the evening.

Night service is a critical part of any organization’s day-to-day business. Allowing your customers to contact you after hours improves quality of service. It provides them with enlightening information regarding when your office opens, what time you close, and a company directory that allows your customers to leave messages for an employee. In addition, your clients can access other valuable data even when night service is activated. By providing items, such as mailing addresses, fax numbers, and directions on your night service, many clients can have their questions answered at any time of day. For organizations that deal with more pressing matters, you can offer emergency contact information or instructions to ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

In many of the older systems, once a schedule was programmed in, administrators were reluctant to go through the hassle of updating or creating new criteria. Before, employees would be fumbling through manuals and randomly pushing buttons trying to active the menu for night service, then struggle through the muddled manual to establish greetings and directories. The Apps Communications’ night service eliminates these fears. You can easily alter, recreate, or prepare temporary messages hassle free. A convenient menu is accessible via the Internet, which provides a step-by-step process of creating, adjusting or deleting night service messages and features. Should you have any questions, an Apps representative is always ready to assist you twenty-four hours a day.

You can now easily set up specialized greetings at a moments notice. For instance, if bad weather has demanded your office be closed for the day, a specified message can be implemented to alert your customers and employees of the situation. Your client’s will always have the option of leaving a message or having someone paged. This is also a helpful tool during the holiday season. Companies can clearly announce to their clients the days and hours their office will be closed, and when normal operations will resume. This takes the guesswork out of the picture, and clients who have been given detailed information are less likely to lose their patience. Night service is just another way to provide excellent customer service to your clients.

Apps Communications’ night service provides your organization the freedom to adapt the system with your specific schedule requirements, settings, and messages as you see fit. In addition, the user-friendly nature of the menu will ensure that your night service is programmed correctly and professionally. You can take the worry out of leaving your phones unanswered for the evening with the knowledge that Apps Communications’ night service feature is appropriately handling and directing all of your calls.

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