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Latency is the time between the started moment and ending moment of packet transfer. The word derives from the fact that during the period of latency the effects of an action are latent, meaning "potential" or "not yet observed". Within the engineering context, latency has several meanings depending topic (i.e.: communication, operational, or mechanical latencies). We are only addressing communication latency on this page.

Communication latency on Packet-switched networks
Latency in a packet-switched network is measured in two ways; one direction (the time between the source sending the packet to the completion at the destination), or round-trip from the source to the destination and back to the source. Round-trip latency is quoted more often because it can be measured from by using the ping service.

When dealing with VoIP latency precision is important and measuring hop-by-hop readings are more important. This can be accomplishing by using trace route commands.

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VoIP Service | VoIP Phone Systems | VoIP CLEC | VoIP ISP | VoIP Features
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