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Incoming Calls

The fast paced world of business can take all of us by surprise at times. It is amazing how much time goes by so quickly, leaving you scratching your head at the end of the day wondering what, if anything, you have accomplished by the time you leave to go home. Apps Communications believes a good business telephone system should not bewilder the user, even when your job appears to do so. With a variety of features to choose from, Apps Communications’ telephone system lends a helping hand in a busy world. One of the more interesting options on this system is the incoming calls feature, which gives the user an efficient way to set up conference calls.

The incoming calls option allows the user to transfer inbound calls to one extension, if the situation is in need of this. The user can also transfer an unlimited number of calls to one conference room where participants may conduct their meeting. Phone quality does not decrease regardless of the number of callers connected. Conversations can be carried on in a discreet, lucid manner. In other words you can think of incoming conference calls as a type of three-way calling, except it deals with a much larger group of people. This is always an advantage within companies, if you are trying to hold a phone conversation and you want other coworkers to listen in so they can provide additional insight about a sales deal or a business trip.

Ineffective phone systems may only give you the option of a one-way conversation with a client. Incoming calls through Apps Communications’ phone system allows others to ease drop and give feedback to the client. If someone is talking to you about a subject matter you do not feel comfortable addressing, then another coworker who is more knowledgeable on the subject could interject and take over the conversation so a sale is not lost because of a lack of information.

Incoming calls pertaining to a particular business agenda can be transferred to a specific department so all the employees in that department can listen. Maybe the people in your division are planning a business trip to meet up with some prospective clients from another company. Incoming calls channeled through Apps Communications’ phone system will let the entire department plan the trip in an organized manner so that no one is left behind come travel day. Employees can work out all the details of the trip such as flight arrival and directions to the meeting place.

The people at Apps Communications want all of your incoming calls to be directed to the proper extension or conference room. There is no reason to feel trapped in an isolated conversation, which could use a little bit of company. Apps Communications’ phone system invites all to feel welcome when speaking.

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