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Inbound Call Direction

Answering the phone is not always the easiest thing to do at work, especially on a busy day when the weight of the world is on your shoulders, and you are already behind as it is. If the phone keeps ringing and you have to pause to answer it every time, then chances are you will have accomplished very little by the end of the day. Apps Communications recognizes this unneeded stress and has developed inbound call direction on its phone system so you can redirect calls to other co-workers or into voicemail.

The inbound call direction feature on Apps Communications’ system plays an important role in organizing your work within the business office. This option allows you to store messages in voicemail so they can be checked at a later time which is convenient for you. Inbound call direction will process DID numbers, as well as any black list numbers you don't want to be bothered with.

Businesses rely on the world of advertising to promote higher sales. A strong advertising campaign will usually yield a high-volume of DID number callbacks to the company. This is one of the best things that can happen, especially if sales have been slumping. However, a plethora of incoming calls all at once can be overwhelming, and you may need a little bit of help from your co-workers in order to get a handle on all the phone calls. Apps Communications’ inbound call direction allows you to transfer some of these calls to other departments who might not be bogged down at the time. You never want to pass up the opportunity to get a new client on board, and with inbound call direction the customers needs don't ever have to be ignored. Calls directed to other stations will always ensure a high-level of customer service.

In addition to displacing calls to other departments, Apps Communications’ inbound call direction option allows you to take those unwanted black list numbers from salespeople or prank callers and transfer them into voicemail where they can ramble until they are out of breath. There are numerous occasions when you're engaged in a task that requires full attention to its detail, when suddenly the phone rings, and it is a sales representative offering you a subscription to a trade magazine or journal. Although these may be added luxuries to have, your patience will run thin, especially on a busy day. No need to fret anymore. Apps Communications’ inbound call direction can identify these sales calls and will transfer these people over to voicemail. At a more convenient time you can decide if you want to obtain a new subscription to any magazine or newspaper. Chances are you will just delete the message so your voicemail does not become clogged with black list numbers. Inbound call direction not only allows you to transfer calls to other people, but gives you the option of storing messages that can be heard later on.

The phone will always buzz away why you are on the job. A good phone system should never create panic, but only relieve pressure. Apps Communications’ phone systems do just this, and inbound call direction is one of the main reasons why. So sit back, relax and let that phone ring. With Apps Communications your job will always be easier.

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