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Inter-Asterisk eXchange Protocol (IAX)

Inter-Asterisk eXchange Protocol (IAX) 
Inter-Asterisk eXchange Protocol, or IAX, is the open-source protocol, developed for Asterisk, that's used to make connections between Asterisk servers. It also enables connections from Asterisk servers to people that are using the IAX protocol at home or in their office. Usually though, the term "IAX" is used in reference to IAX2, which is the 2nd, and most recent, version of the IAX protocol.

Although the IAX 2 signaling protocol is not an industry standard, like SIP, it performs basically the same functions and is rapidly becoming more robust due to the open-source nature of its coding. Additionally, IAX 2 is much easier to implement in situations where NAT (Network Address Translation) is required.









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