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Global Report

Reports are a way of effectively analyzing data and statistics over a given period of time. Many businesses use reports to check any trends or patterns taking place within the overall company or marketplace. They can also use them to focus on a particular employee's work performance to see whether there is stability or disruption. Apps Communications is aware of the importance of this information and now offers you a global report feature for its phone system.

A global report incorporates one or more reports on a larger scale. The data can reflect phone usage time for individuals or the entire department. Moreover, this report can display call details, which show the number of drop calls compared to the time people were on hold. Furthermore, a global report from Apps Communications indicates voicemail usage within the company and total expenses due to phone usage. All this data is vital to any business, because it lets the employer know not only who is performing their job in an efficient manner, but also whether or not any immediate or long-term changes need to be implemented within the organization. Let's take a closer look.

Maybe you need to know the percentage of calls sent to voicemail compared to how many of these phone calls were answered by employees. Information like this is important in determining backlog, as well as client satisfaction when trying to sell a product. A global report allows you to view these statistics so you can determine if your company's workload is too heavy or if individuals may be attending to personal matters instead of business agendas. Apps Communications’ global report gives you the advantage of running your favorite report within a matter of minutes. Let's say you need to find out if your advertising campaign is holding strong or steadily on the decline. Global reports allow you to view incoming DID number calls with the date, time and length of the phone usage. These reports also give you insight on who answered the call or if the phone call was dropped.

In addition to call details and sales tracking, Apps Communications’ global report allows you to break down overall phone costs within the company. A billing inquiry showing daily, weekly or monthly costs is an effective way to control expenses within the company. Higher phone costs might not necessarily mean every employee is chatting on the phone with their friends for a Friday night get together at the local pub. These expenses could reflect a larger volume of long distance calls to business clients trying to finalize that big deal. The best way to find out the answer is to incorporate several reports on phone usage. This is what Apps Communications’ global report does.

Your business needs stretch far beyond what a regular telephone can do for you. Apps Communications realizes this fact and is striving to give your company the highest quality of phone service available to the business world. Whether it be a specific detail about phone usage, or a large-scale global report displaying a bigger picture, Apps Communications’ phone system will always be there for your business needs.

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