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Apps Communication offers a full e-commerce package:

Following is an outline of Apps E-Comm - our proprietary modular e-commerce program Set-up Cost: $1595.00.

 For demonstration purposes, we've invented a fictional company, called "Cool Gear"; and we've created their fictional website, which incorporates Apps E-Comm, as well as most of our Dynamic Modules.

Visit the "Cool Gear" demo website, and click on "Shop Cool Gear" to see Apps E-Comm in action.

Apps E-Comm offers a wide range of capabilities to accommodate clients who handle multiple products and product categories. Apps E-Comm is dynamically driven, allowing it to be easily customized to individual needs. It's available with or without real-time credit card processing.

All Apps E-Comm functions are controlled from E-Comm Admin, our intuitive and user-friendly control center, allowing you to easily manage and maintain your own online catalog.

Unlike hard-coded systems that require highly trained programmers and take hours (if not days) to update, the Apps E-Comm program allows anyone capable of logging onto the Internet to update products, categories, and subcategories in minutes, with little or no training. This saves our clients from hundreds to thousands of dollars in costly updates every time they add a new product or category to their site.

E-Comm Admin can be isolated from other site admin functions, or seamlessly integrated into your website's overall Administration Area.

For those clients who do not wish to maintain their own online catalog, Apps Communications also offers a maintenance option which is billed at an hourly charge.

The Apps E-Comm program is available in two graphic/design formats:

1. Standard Format - especially useful when adding e-commerce capabilities to an existing site. Allows clients to choose background colors, font types and font colors. Your Company logo, web site graphics and navigation bars are applied to Apps E-Comm template pages, which are then installed on your site. Catalog/ Product Display layout and product photo sizes are template-controlled.

2. Custom Format - especially useful when creating a new e-commerce site. Allows clients to design the overall look and layout of the site. Template pages are fully customized to clients' specifications and requests in the following areas:

  • 2.1 Background colors.
  • 2.2 Font types and Font colors.
  • 2.3 Catalog/ Product Display layout.
  • 2.4 Custom Search Fields.
  • 2.5 Product Photo Size.

Standard Features

All Apps E-Comm packages are equipped with E-Comm Admin, our Login and Password-Protected control center, with the following dynamic capabilities:

1. Category Maintenance - allows clients to add, edit, or delete categories and subcategories .

2. Catalog Maintenance - allows clients to add, edit or delete products and product information. Products can be attached and isolated by category and subcategory. The following fields are available when entering products in the catalog:

  • 2.1 Product Name
  • 2.2 Product Descriptions: short description/long description
  • 2.3 Product Keywords
  • 2.4 Select a Manufacturer
  • 2.5 List Price
  • 2.6 Wholesale Price
  • 2.7 Shipping Price
  • 2.8 Additional Shipping Rate
  • 2.9 Select a Category/Subcategory
  • 2.10 Upload Product Photo

3. Order Processing - allows clients to manage incoming orders, sales tax tables, and response letters.

  • 3.1. New orders - This module displays new orders to be processed. The client has the option of auto-processing all orders or holding all orders (or specific order categories) for viewing before processing, and/or the ability to intercept and override auto-processing, and to view, edit, hold and/or process orders. The client can enter an order screen and view all of the customer's information: name, address, ship-to address, credit card information, and itemized list of the customer's order, including sales tax, shipping preference, shipping costs, etc.

    All orders may pass from New Orders to Apps E-Comm's optional integrated real-time credit card processing and authorization module, which forwards each order to the appropriate order activation/deactivation module:

    3.1.1. Processed - Indicates that the credit card was accepted. This will automatically generate a "pick list" and authorization to ship, as well as a "Thank you, your order has been accepted" e-mail to the customer. All auto-reply messages are programmable and fully customizable for content.
    3.1. 4 . Declined - If the credit card was declined, the order is automatically sent to a "declined" or "hold" file. This will automatically generate a "Sorry, your credit card provider has declined to authorize your purchase" email to the customer. All auto-reply messages are programmable and fully customizable for content.

    Processed (approved) orders pass to the client's / appropriate order picking/packing/shipping module or platform. Can approved orders be linked to existing computerized order-picking/packing/shipping platforms? Order progress is entered by client into the appropriate optional order tracking module:

    3.1.2. Shipped - Storage area for orders that have been shipped. Order entry into this module will automatically generate a "Your order has been shipped" e-mail to the customer. All auto-reply messages are programmable and fully customizable for content.
    3.1.3. On Hold - If for any reason the client is unable to fill the order at the present time, they can place the order into a hold file for processing at a later date. This will automatically generate new pick orders, as well as a "Your order has been held" e-mail to the customer. All auto-reply messages are programmable and fully customizable for content.

    After a given period of time, shipped order data can be /is moved to an optional storage module:

    3.1.5. Archived - This section stores old orders, and will not generate an email.

Each of the above sections allows the administrator to go back and review orders.

4. Edit Tax Table - the Apps E-Comm program comes complete with a tax table that allows the clients to program in applicable tax rates for all 50 states. The client can activate tax collection in only those states in which they are required by law to collect taxes. When an order is placed, the customer's state of origin and ship-to location are automatically identified; and the applicable taxes, if any, are automatically calculated and added to the order. Taxes are automatically displayed on the customer's invoice at checkout.

5. Edit Customer Response Letters - when the client enters the Order Processing area and changes the status of an order, an automatic e-mail is sent to the customer. E-mail responses can be customized according to order status. For example:

New Order marked Processed: The e-mail could read "Thank you for your order; expect shipping in two days."

New Order marked Declined : "Sorry, we were unable to process your credit card. Please try again using another card, or contact us at 888-888-8888."

New Order marked On Hold : "Sorry, we are unable fill your order at this time."

Set-up is only required one time; after set-up, all same-status orders will receive the same response. Client can add, edit, or delete auto-responses at any time.

6. Apps E-Comm covers all three levels of SSL-compliant security :

  • 6.1 From the customer to the server. (Verisign 128-bit encryption).
  • 6.2 While being stored on the server. (Microsoft 128-bit encryption).
  • 6.3 From the server to the merchant or client. (Verisign 128-bit encryption).

7. Product Catalog/Listings - This program was designed to accommodate the most complex line of products, while maintaining a user-friendly environment. The system offers full dynamic capabilities for adding categories, sub-categories and products instantly. An Image Upload feature is available to display product pictures. The E-Comm Admin control center offers the administrator the following options:

  • 7.1. Category maintenance - allows administrator to add, edit and delete categories.
  • 7.2. Sub-category maintenance - allows administrator to add, edit and delete sub-categories. This section also allows the administrator to specify the order in which the categories are listed.
  • 7.3. Products maintenance - allows the administrator to add, edit and delete products. This section also allows the administrator to tie a product or service to a specific category, manufacturer and sub-category. Product/Service entry has the following features:
  • 7.3.1. Title, short description, long description, keywords, item number or stock number, retail price, wholesale price, shipping and image upload. The image upload automatically converts a copy of the image into a thumbnail to display with the short description on the search page. A larger image will display on the main listing.

8. Browser/End User features:

  • 8.1. Searching options:

    8.1.1. Keywords, phrase, or product name search - the user has the option of typing in a Keyword, phrases, or product names. The system will search out and match data in the following database fields: title, short description, long description, keywords, and displayed products.
    8.1.2. Drill down search - the user has the ability to select categories and sub-categories, working down to the products they would like to see. Manufacturer? Price range?
  • 8.2. Search Results will display the products in the following format: thumbnail picture of the product, the title, short description, item number, price, and link to "more details" page.
  • 8.3. "More details" pages will display the large image of the product, the title, long description, price, item number, size choices and/or other options. From this page, the user can add the item to a shopping cart.

9. Shopping Cart Capabilities - allows customers to add items to a list; running totals are kept and customers are allowed to continue shopping or checkout at any time. The shopping cart uses "cookies technology"; this allows the system to store user and order information. If the user is unable to complete an order, the system will remember the order and ask the user if they would like to complete the order when returning to the site.

10. Checkout - when checking out, the user will be required to complete a form requesting all relevant information. All credit card numbers are verified as valid numbers before the user is allowed to continue. This prevents users from placing false orders. Upon completing an order, the system will issue the user a username and password. When a user returns to the site to place additional orders, they will not need to go through the checkout procedure again; they can type in the user name and password and checkout in seconds. The user information is stored using "cookies technology"; this insures that only verified users can checkout using this data.

11. Automatic Tax Computation - When an order is placed from a state that has an applicable tax rate entered in its E-Comm Admin control module, the correct tax amount is automatically added to the order, and is displayed on the user's order confirmation screen at checkout.

Additional Options Not Included in Basic Package:
1. Real-time Processing - Programming is already in place for both Cyber Cash and Payment Net. Both Cyber Cash and Payment Net have setup fees and monthly fees for their product.
Our preferred vender is Payment Net. When using Cyber Cash or Payment Net, there are no additional programming charges from Apps Communication, Inc.

2. Customer Profiling - will allow administrators to view customers' buying history by category, manufacturer, or product type. Custom reports can be generated on customer groups.

3. Personal VeriSign SSL Certificate.
4. Specials Page.
5. New Products Page.
6. Related Product Suggestions .
7. Members' Section with custom price tables.
8. Gift Certificate Section.
9. Featured Products Section

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