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Instant Functionality - Accessible Technology
Even the simplest websites frequently need content updates. Upcoming event schedules, new photography, product promotions, announcements of new capabilities and other information can require daily updates. If you need to pay your website developer to perform these updates, it can be costly.

Apps Communications has developed a full line of Dynamic Modules that allow our clients to update information and images themselves, with a minimum of training, with complete security, and without ongoing developer fees. All of our Modules can be quickly and easily added to new or existing web sites. Each Dynamic Module offers useful and specific functionality:

· Dynamic Modules: Information, Pricing & Samples

  1. Links Page
  2. Newsletter
  3. Forum Section
  4. Upcoming Events Section
  5. Employment Section
  6. Product Display
  7. DirectEMail Program
  8. Bulletin Board
  9. Members' Area
  10. Classifieds Section
  11. Chat Rooms
  12. Online Tech Support
  13. Photo Upload

· E-Commerce Package: Information, Pricing & Samples

· Demo Website with Dynamic Modules

· E-Commerce Sample Module

How It Works:

Using ASP (Microsoft Active Server Page) and Microsoft SQL Database technology, we design website sub-sections that pull designated information from the database and insert it, correctly formatted and positioned, on the target web page. We create a user-friendly administration area, protected by a username and password, within which our clients update the information and images in the database. Changes to the database automatically trigger changes on target pages, dynamically updating the site.

Realistic Investment
Most of our modules are available for a one-time setup fee of $895.00 (excluding the Product Display, Members Area and Classifieds modules, and the E-Commerce package).

Dynamic Results
Apps' Dynamic Modules allow our clients to quickly and inexpensively develop successful sites with powerful functionality, and to maintain those sites without thousands of dollars in ongoing developer's maintenance costs.

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