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Do Not Disturb

In today’s business world everyone needs a little break from the bombardment of incoming phone calls that can disrupt the ebb of a good day’s work. Apps Communications is dedicated to this cause and has added features for their clients who must have access to a Do Not Disturb function on their telephone. We all know how annoying it is to have a constant influx of ring tones at your desk throughout the day. When your schedule is filled with numerous other priorities that require your attention, a Do Not Disturb option on your telephone is available for those occasions when you must activate it.

In our methodical, fast-paced world people are constantly requiring information and sometimes our phone systems can get clogged up with callers on hold, who wait impatiently to vie for our attention. Our business phones are no exception to this dilemma, and inevitably the Do Not Disturb function on your phone will be used. Apps Communications understands this and allows you to use your Do Not Disturb feature without a problem. At some point in your hectic day, you will always have more than you can handle. A message to a prospective client does not have to be curt, in fact Apps Communications system allows you to use your Do Not Disturb function in such a way that people who call your business won’t even know you are in the office attending to other matters. Your Do Not Disturb telephone function allows a caller to listen to a standard voicemail message, which simply states you are away from your desk or the office at this time. The caller is never aware that you have Do Not Disturb activated on your phone, so they will not be offended. You can later return the phone calls when it is more convenient for you.

There is nothing novel about the Do Not Disturb service on your business phones. It has been around for quite a while, but is probably used more in today’s business world than ever before. Apps Communications realizes this and we focus our attention on providing the most efficient way for you to use your Do Not Disturb feature. Many businesses are overrun with large-scale projects that have to meet untimely deadlines. As a result, they have very little time to discuss the intricate details of a product over the phone to a client with the pressing demands in front of them. Apps Communications Do Not Disturb function not only automatically transfers a caller to your private voicemail, it gives the caller an opportunity to receive basic information from a standard message possibly alleviating the need for the call without tying up your line for outside calls. Furthermore, these phone systems are quite effective in silencing those mundane sales pitches that drone in your ear when there are other more important calls to tend to.

Meetings with prospective clients can be detailed and lengthy at times in the business arena. It is necessary to have your attention focused on the client in front of you and not the phone on your desk ringing off the hook every five minutes. The Do Not Disturb option on Apps Communications phone systems allows you the luxury of completing a deal with that important client without interruptions at the crucial closing period of your meeting.

Apps Communications is your partner and friend in a world filled with phone calls that sometimes require Do Not Disturb be placed on them. Their passion to please all business customers comes first, and with Apps Communications by your side you can feel confident that your needs will always be met.

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