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Directory Listings

The problem with some telephone systems these days is that they are not versatile enough. With all the current technology available on today's market there are still some phones that only offer the user limited options. Your phone should not only process a number for an outgoing call but become a guide just like a telephone book if you need it to be. Apps Communications’ telephone systems offer you the luxury of advanced technology with a directory listings option.

All types of businesses use directory listings to provide you with information on the location of certain departments or individuals. Many times we will walk into a building and see a large plaque hanging on the wall listing a persons name and what floor they are located on. These directories help us when we are lost and save us a lot of time that would have been spent walking around in confusion. What if your telephone could do the same thing? Imagine, instead of fumbling through the Yellow Pages trying to find that number, which does not exist, your phone does all the thumbing while you just sit and listen. The directory listings option from Apps Communications is geared for a situation exactly like this.

The directory listings feature on Apps Communications’ phone system allows callers to search for people by name. This is very useful especially when you need to leave a message for someone, and the office has already closed for the day. When you call a business after hours Apps Communications’ directory listings will automatically pull up a list of people's names and the extension they can be reached on. With the directory listings feature your call will never go unanswered. You won't have the stress of wondering how you're going to leave this person a message when it is after hours, and you don’t know their extension. Apps Communications’ directory listings allows you to call around the clock, anytime, anywhere and gives you a detailed listing of possible extensions you may want to call.

This option is simple to use. When calling a business, the system will ask you to dial the first few letters of the person’s last name. The system will then match this information to a corresponding extension so you can leave a message. Apps Communications offers a convenient way to use their directory listings feature so you don't have to press a bunch of buttons to get to where you need to go.

You should never feel lost when it comes to using your telephone. With Apps Communications’ directory listings option you can find a way through all of the cobwebs and confusion. In a world filled with misguiding signs and symbols let Apps Communications take your hand and show you the way to the light.

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