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Digium, Inc., located in Huntsville, Alabama, is a company founded in 1999 by Mark Spencer which specializes in the development of PBX Hardware and software for open-source telephony. Although originally created as "Linux Support Services", the company's business focus soon shifted to the telecom market when Mr. Spencer was faced with the cost of purchasing a PBX for his company and decided to use his Linux PC & programming knowledge to create his own open-source PBX instead; called Asterisk. Digium strongly believes in giving all of the technology that they create back to the online community by keeping everything that they create in an open-source format. It is because of this business model, and the contributions of numerous members of the online community, that Asterisk has been able to grow into the robust fully-featured PBX that it is today and yet still remain available free of charge.

Digium offers a range of telephony hardware and software including Asterisk, Interface cards, telephone adapters, and even voip codecs.








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