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Customer Profile Launch

Information is the key to a successful business in the 21st Century. Competition in this new age of International commerce, where borders are becoming more and more blurred, is fierce. In order to stay ahead of the pack, you must provide your employees with the tools to complete their jobs more efficiently than ever. The amount of information available to us is astounding, and if used properly it can result in more sales and larger profits. It is this motivation that has driven Apps Communications to provide their customers with powerful tools that will assist with the growth of their companies in order to reach its full potential and beyond.

Customer profile launch is one of the features that Apps Communications is proud to offer to their clients. Customer profile launch was created to help your company reduce churn and increase loyalty. This powerful option provides a wealth of information that will augment productivity and customer service at the same time. This CRM, customer relationship management, integration tool combines with a national database to offer valuable XML data files, which will greatly assist your personnel in providing quality services. In addition, this tool can increase selling by offering vital information regarding the client and his or her past purchases.

This feature works with your existing equipment to enhance the information you are already receiving. When a customer dials your sales staff, the national XML database files will be accessed, and the caller identified almost immediately. The user who receives the call will be recognized, and their workstation location determined. The customer profile launch will quickly display all of the pertinent information available on the client. This will increase productivity for your associates. With this service your associates only verify that the data is correct, rather than gathering all of it while on the phone. Therefore, they can quickly provide excellent service to the current client, and then rapidly move on to the next caller.

It is a well-known fact that customer loyalty is crucial to any businesses’ survival. In fact, studies have shown that eighty percent of the average company’s profits are generated by only twenty percent of their clients. Based on this research, it is obvious why stellar customer service is crucial to success. The customer profile launch is a simple way to save both clients and associates time. By providing your sales staff with the tools they need to excel, you are not only giving them the opportunity to make more commissions for themselves, but also increasing profits for the entire organization.

The customer profile launch gives your clients a feeling of importance. The fact that you have their vital data readily available will offer the impression of meticulously following your customer’s, while expressing to them that their business is valuable to your company.

Apps Communications is dedicated to the same high-level of customer service that you would expect for your clients. Technology is rapidly changing and Apps Communications is driven to staying ahead of the competition. We understand that to be successful, you must incorporate the latest advances into your work environment. Not only do we use our products to enhance our service, we offer them to our clients to assist them in increasing profits and customer loyalty.

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