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Content Filtering

In the business world it is sometimes necessary for employees to have access to the Internet. The vast amount of information available, combined with your companies own website can often provide answers required to conduct business. Internet access can be a beneficial asset to employees trying to complete a project. When carefully implemented, Internet access can reduce spending and increase productivity. But an Internet free-for-all can quickly begin to cause problems. Allowed to continue, this can impact customers and delay output. Even more threatening to the company’s well being, are associates who use company computers to view inappropriate material on the Internet. This type of activity can put your organization right in the middle of a sexual harassment case. In addition, your company could be involved in a messy criminal investigation depending on the type of material that has been viewed.

Due to the seriousness of this issue, Apps Communications has developed an add-on feature that provides content filtering of the Internet. This service can be offered to prevent employees from accessing websites that are not authorized by the company. In order for content filtering to work properly you will need to invest in a large server, however the protection and control over Internet access is will worth the added expense. Content filtering allows you to limit the types of sites your employees are able to visit. For example, associates can be allowed the ability to use the Internet at their will with inappropriate sites barred from entry.

In addition, content filtering can be taken one step further. You can restrict all employees to certain websites that are solely business related. Organizations can also limit Internet usage based on the individual. For instance, the entire company could have access to the Internet with restrictions set for inappropriate conduct only. For example, if one employee was abusing their Internet privileges by neglecting their job and surfing the web all day, you could suspend this associate’s web access completely or allow them to use only work related sites. By combining this product with web tracking, you can monitor Internet usage, and then if an associate is abusing their access you can use the content filtering feature to limit or remove their ability to use the Internet.

In today’s society companies find themselves vulnerable to lawsuits every day. Content filtering is an efficient way to protect yourself from employees that could put your organization at risk of a sexual harassment suit by viewing inappropriate material on the Internet. By blocking this information, you alleviate the temptation and protect your company. In addition, content filtering will ensure that your employees are attending to the vital tasks of business rather than participating in a fierce bidding war over the latest gadget.

By including content filtering with your system, employees will work more efficiently and avoid the urge to stray into unproductive territory. In fact, this simple addition can set the standard in your office regarding sexual harassment. Content filtering will send a clear and concise message to your staff that your firm will not tolerate inappropriate material or sexual harassment. This is an excellent first step in preventing unwanted instances that could quickly become litigations. At the same time you are ensuring that productivity remain high among your employees, by eliminating web access except when necessary for business.

Apps Communications is dedicated to providing their clients with solutions that make sense. We focus on creating products that will assist our clients in protecting their company and increasing profits. The content filtering feature is just one more way that Apps Communications can offer quality customer service, while helping our customers protect themselves from liabilities.

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