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Conference Call

It wasn’t that long ago that meeting a client in another state meant taking a plane or driving to their location. This required expensive travel and painstaking plans to secure a meeting place. In addition, lodging for the night must be arranged and a time negotiated. Face-to-face appointments can be effective, but when the results are a lost deal, it is hardly worth the effort. Technology has alleviated the majority of this need to travel. The ability to make a conference call provides a quick, convenient way to communicate with clients or coworkers located in the next town or the other side of the ocean.

Apps Communications’ phone system offers two conference call options that significantly decrease the cost and work involved in arranging meetings via the telephone. These conference call features allow you to handle a conference call in house rather than using an outside conference call company. In addition, there is no limit to the number of participants that can be on the conference call. This allows you to establish a meeting, inform the members and conduct the conference call in a matter of minutes.

Apps Communications offers two ways of establishing a conference call. If you are setting up a conference call in a rush, you can simply have your coworkers assemble in a room and have all of the external conference call members transferred to this extension. There is no limit to the number of participants you can have on a conference call, and the call quality will not be affected. A quick email, text message or phone call is all that is required to notify the conference call participants of the time and extension. If an extension for the conference call has not been designated yet, you can simply announce the start time of the conference call and have a receptionist transfer the conference call participants to the appropriate location. It can’t get much easier or cost effective.

For a conference call that occurs on a regular basis, such as daily, weekly or monthly, you can establish a permanent DID number for the meeting. Conference call participants can be notified of the room and their password. Then they will simply dial in at the designated time and enter the information on their phone to join the conference call. This is an excellent solution for meetings that are conducted to offer an updated status report or inform stockholders of the company’s current financial condition. This eliminates the need to establish a conference call through an outside source, thus significantly reducing the cost of the conference call.

Each option offers a quick, easy, and cost effective solution to your conference call needs. Apps Communications’ understands the benefit of doing things in house. The ability to set up an in-house conference call gives businesses more control over their meetings, and reduces the bottom line. By offering two conference call options, you can determine the most valuable solution for each scenario. Rather than being locked into one feature, Apps Communications provides more flexibility for setting up a conference call. The only thing certain is that conference calls will help you and your employees conduct meetings successfully without lost time for travel or the outrageous expenses associated with sending staff out of town.

Apps Communications is dedicated to providing their customers with solutions for everyday business needs that will simplify our clients’ lives and boost profits. Conference call technology is an effective way to eliminate expensive travel without impacting customer service. Apps Communications will continue to introduce products to improve their service and streamline the way our clients do business.

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