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Chicago Web Site Hosting

Chicago Web Site Hosting - Our Services:

Tired of enduring costly downtime? Sick of having to wait until the next business day to get critical errors fixed? Many companies with well-designed, search engine optimized websites still have trouble maintaining the flow of traffic to their website as well as their search engine rankings because their website hosting company is unreliable. At Apps Communications, we understand that your website traffic is important. That's why we offer Chicago web site hosting services that provide our clients with as little downtime as possible and technicians that are available 24/7 to address any critical issues that your site may encounter.

The Benefits:

The Chicago web site hosting services offered at Apps Communications give your business valuable peace of mind that you'll always have a team of qualified professionals ready to provide your business with the support it needs.

The benefits of Chicago web site hosting services from Apps Communications aren't limited to just the 24/7 support that we provide though. Our hosting servers provide support for a wide range of features including ASP, SSL, Frontpage Extentsions, Streaming, Shopping Carts, and an array of different types of databases. We also provide numerous levels of backup procedures that ensure that your site will stay online through events ranging from hard drive crashes to catestrophic events!

chicago web site hosting

The Features...

With the wide range of web site hosting providers today, and the similarly diverse range of prices, the average business owner needs to know what the differences are as well as what to look for when choosing a web site hosting company. Below, we'll explain all of the different major factors to consider when choosing a web site hosting firm, as well as let you know what sets Apps Communications' Chicago web site hosting apart from the rest.

Apps Communications Chicago Web Site Hosting Services

Quality Up-Time


One of the first concerns that a company should have when selecting a web site hosting company is finding out what percentage of the time they can reasonably expect their website to be kept online. Poor hosting services may leave your site offline for hours (or even days in worst case scenarios) several times over the course of a year, leaving your company without valuable traffic. Periods of network maintenance are inevitable, but should still be kept to a minimum, and there is really no reason that a company should be forced to deal with anything less than 99% "up-time" - especially during business hours.

The Chicago web site hosting services provided by Apps Communications ensure that your site stays online as long as possible & that all necessary network maintenance is done during off-hours whenever possible so that your business won't be negatively impacted. Furthermore, in the off-chance that your site does go offline, or experiences any critical problems, we have technical support staff available at any hour of the day or night to help troubleshoot the issue.



Did you know that not all hosting servers can handle all types of websites? Every website is built a little differently, and many of them have special features, such as shopping carts or online videos, that require extra resources from the servers that they are hosted on. It is therefore important to know which features your web site hosting company will support.

The Apps Communications Chicago web site hosting servers are state-of-the-art, and offer/support many features including the following:

Chicago Web Site Hosting Features
Secure Server
(Active Server Pages)
(Secure Socket Layer)
NT Platform
Microsoft Frontpage Extensions
SQL Database
Access Database
Streaming Media
Shopping Carts
E-mail Forms
Digital Signatures
Traffic Log Reports
Live Stats

If you are unsure about whether or not the Chicago web site hosting services at Apps Communications will be adequate for your web site's needs, please give us a call at 1-800-861-0540 and we'd be happy to to answer any questions you may have.



Do you have information being put onto your site that you want to be kept private? You might already have excellent security in place to prevent hackers from gaining access to that information, but how can you be sure that your information is safe from misuse by the employees at your hosting company?

At Apps Communications, our Chicago web site hosting services guarantee that all Apps Communication personnel with access to data servers and/or system administration privileges will have background checks performed prior to accessing the system. In addition, no information will be released pertaining to Apps Communications' Chicago web site hosting clients without written permission from the client.



If your website deals with any type of sensitive data such as social security numbers or credit information, the security of your ecommerce hosting is of the utmost importance. Although various steps can be taken to secure the website itself, the ecommerce web hosting servers that all of your website's information is being stored on needs to be secure as well. Failing to secure this information could result in all kinds of fraudulent hacker activity that neither you, nor your clients, want to be involved in.

The choice to use Chicago ecommerce hosting solutions from Apps Communications means that your data will be as safe as possible. All of our Chicago website hosting data servers are secured using a Cisco Firewall with limited access, and any e-commerce data stored on our Chicago web site hosting servers will be encrypted before it is stored. Furthermore, all e-commerce data transfers across the internet are secured using VeriSign SSL (Secure Socket Layer) 256Bit Encryption Certificates.

Fail-Safe Procedures


The final issue to consider when choosing a web site hosting company is how well they can protect your data from being lost in the event of a hardware failure. Websites, afterall, are nothing more than a collection of various digital files that are stored on a computer and broadcast out to the internet. What happens then if the hard drive that your data is being stored on crashes? If the data is being backed up, how often do backup procedures take place?

At Apps Communications, all Chicago web site database hosting servers are equipped with Level 5 Raid and data is stored on no less than three hard drives at all times. Database backups are preformed every four hours and every 24 hours, tape backups of hosted websites are produced, and data from these websites is recorded and moved offsite.

Furthermore, in the event of a server failure, replacement parts and servers are maintained to ensure minimal downtime and onsite generators ensure systems can continue to run in the event of a power outage. Finally, in the event of a catastrophic event at our main location

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