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chicago web design

Chicago Web Design

How Apps Communications Benefits YOU:

The Chicago Web Design services provided by Apps Communications give companies all across the country the visual edge they need to stay ahead of the competition. Our Chicago web design team works with the latest graphics and multi-media software to provide our Chicago Web Design clients with original cutting-edge designs and intuitive navigation systems. All of our Chicago web design packages come complete with special meta-tag coding that will start you on your way to getting ranked well in the major search engines. We can even provide search engine optimization services!

Want to build an e-commerce site, or an extensive information database? The Apps Communications Chicago web design team is also equipped to provide you with custom-built e-commerce and database solutions. Furthermore, we can install admin sections into the site that allow you to manage your site and all of the data in it with ease!

Everyone knows that there are many people offering web design services these days - from huge corporations all the way down to independant contractors. However, in your search for a Chicago web design company, it's good to know what sets one design company apart from another, and what to look out for. Below, we'll explain all of the different major factors to consider when choosing a Chicago Web Design firm, as well as let you know what sets the Apps Communications chicago web design team apart from the rest.

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Apps Communications Chicago Web Design Services

Eye-catching Design

The Apps Communications team has designers with years of experience creating custom web sites with unique designs and integrated online videos. We have the latest graphics, design, and video software on the market at our disposal to help us provide powerful website solutions.

When designing a new website, the problem that many designers have is with knowing where to draw the line between form and function. Many web designers will become so focused on creating a certain design that they lose focus on the user-friendliness, functionality, or search engine compatibility of the web site. The end result is a site that might look really nice, but fails to meet other expectations.

Apps Communications understands the multiple fronts on which a web site must be successful in order to benefit a company. and our Chicago web design team works to ensure that our designs compliment the functionality and purpose of the site rather than work against it.

Intuitive Navigation & Interactivity

The web is rapidly moving into a new generation of accessibility-focused web design. With the rise of broadband internet, more websites are setting themselves apart by showcasing interactive designs and videos to support text content. While the potential for creativity may appear to be endless, it is important to maintain a focus on user-friendly designs that allow people to find what they're looking for quickly.

The people at Apps Communications take these factors into consideration when creating a Chicago web design, and implement interactive features with careful thought to how users will respond. From rollovers to navigation systems to digimail videos, the Chicago web design team at Apps Communications has you covered.

E-Commerce Solutions

You can count on Apps Communications not only to deliver a solid e-commerce Chicago web design that comes with a wide range of custom features. With the growing amount of online identity theft though, it is no suprise that Chicago web design e-commerce solutions need to be well secured in addition to being fully-featured. The Chicago web design team at Apps Communications understands this. We provide secure web hosting and high levels of security for all sensitive data going through your website to virtually eliminate hackers' ability to obtain that information.

Information Databases

Whether you're looking to manage employee data, inventory data, customer data, or application data, it should be obvious at this point that the days of archiving information on paper are numbered. Ways that a website database can benefit your company...

  • Automatically update your website's product inventory accurately
  • Automatically adjust the shipping rates for products based on the latest shipping rates available from the major shipping companies
  • Keep track of user data and history and automatically send out advertisements based on their preferences and tendencies
  • Automatically run the calculations and reports you need to manage your business

Apps Communications will work with you to not only build a complete database of all the information that you need to store, but also find out what ways that data can be leveraged to reduce the workload on your company.

Web Design & Customer Service

Apps Communications

The Apps Communications Chicago web design team will work with you to create the site design you want with the specifications and functionality that you need. Once we know the functions that the site needs to provide, our employees can design any type of web site from the ground up with as much or as little input as you'd like to provide. Furthermore, we provide 24/7 emergency technical support for our clients and we won't try to sell you features or services that you don't need.

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