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Call Queuing

Now there is a way to prevent calls from being dropped when your agents are occupied with other customers and also prevent new callers from receiving a busy signal. Apps Communications offers a call queuing feature that will allow an unlimited number of callers to wait for an available sales representative or for resources to become accessible to assist them. This will allow you to provide each customer with the same quality service. In addition, it ensures your customers won’t end up in voicemail, which can be a deal killer or result in the caller hanging up the telephone.

Apps Communications is dedicated to providing relevant phone system solutions for their customers. Call queuing is one of the standard features offered with our VoIP telephone system. With this service you can ensure that your customers will always have the opportunity to speak to a live operator rather than being required to leave a voicemail. It is a fact of nature that most individuals calling a business for information will not leave a voicemail, and the majority of these callers will not try contacting the organization at another time. This service works in conjunction with your existing hold music to provide vital information to your caller regarding how many calls are ahead of them and what their estimated wait time will be. Customers always appreciate it when you take their time into consideration and will show their admiration with loyalty to your company. By providing the delay time to your clients on hold they are better able to determine if their schedule allows them to continue waiting or if they need to call back at a more convenient time.

In fact, most companies have discovered that they can convert their customer’s hold time into a positive opportunity to sell their services and products or inform their clients about any specials that are currently underway. By mixing a combination of informative sales pitches, estimated wait times, and soothing music, both you and your customers will get the most out of their time spent on hold. Your clients will have a more positive experience, and you will benefit from increased sales thanks to your targeted hold music.

Apps Communications has also provided your clients with the opportunity to exit out of call queuing and leave one of your agents a message through a general mail box, a group mail box or your company directory. This added feature puts the client in control of their destiny. Just like all of Apps Communications’ features, call queuing is user-friendly and offers web based menu access to easily set-up or adjust your requirements. For instance, call queuing can easily be switched on or off to fit your needs.

Apps Communications is committed to providing you with extraordinary customer service. This includes offering you new innovative ways to improve the services you make available to your clients. We are available twenty-four hours a day to answer any questions that might come up, or offer new solutions to improve business practices.

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