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Call Forwarding

Times have certainly changed. Once upon a time we had only one phone for clients to reach us at, the office number. After we arrived home, the calls ceased. This, however, is not the way it works anymore. Most of us have an office, cell, and home number that clients are able to contact us at no matter what the time of day or night. Apps Communications understands that in a modern world, locating someone at a moments notice is critical. Now rather than dialing multiple numbers trying to track your partner or employee down, they can simply use call forwarding to transfer all of their calls to one number.

This idea revolutionizes business communication and is not limited to one application.  For instance, if you are waiting for a telephone conference to begin and suddenly more people need to sit in on the meeting, you can use call forwarding to have the person ring into a newly designated conference room, where everyone is gathered, rather than the previous location. This eliminates the humiliating task of calling your client and explaining there has been a change of plans while providing them with a new number to call. You will appear much more professional, when the call arrives, and you simply explain that John and Bob have decided to join us. Your client will not have a clue that call forwarding was activated.

Call forwarding also allows your sales staff to remain mobile, and not chained to their desk. It is no surprise that face-to-face meetings are the best way to close a sale. However, today it is difficult to pry ourselves away when an important client may be calling at any moment. The Apps Communications’ call forwarding feature ensures that your associates can effectively manage closing the deal and starting up a new prospect at the same time. By simply activating call forwarding and transferring their office calls to their cell phone they will constantly be in the loop.

In addition, if one of your employees is out sick, it is possible to use call forwarding to transfer their phone to another desk to ensure that individual’s clients are well cared for. This is a more professional way to handle an absence than an ambiguous voice mail that is not answered until the next day or possibly longer. This same principle applies to associates on break or at lunch, when phones must be answered at all times.

Another example of maximizing the effectiveness of call forwarding is telecommuting. This option is becoming more popular than ever among businesses and employees, especially in larger cities where heavy traffic is a concern. Telecommuting offers lower overhead costs for the organization, since the amount of square footage required to operate is greatly reduced. In addition, it is more convenient for the associate, who no longer needs to worry about high fuel costs and expensive maintenance on their car. Call forwarding is the only sensible way to control communications within this set up. By providing an extension for your work at home employees, and then forwarding the calls to their house or cell number, you can better control the quality of voice mail systems and other features that might reflect poorly on your business.

Apps Communications is excited to offer call forwarding to our clients. We understand that your time is valuable and that staying in touch is vital to your organization’s success. Features like call forwarding are our way of assisting you in streamlining your business for the most efficient outcome. We are here to provide quality customer service twenty-four hours a day for all of your telecommunication needs.

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