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The fickle business world is a universe filled with ringing telephones and buzzing pages vying for your attention while chanting your name over and over again. By the end of the day our heads feel like a swollen plum as the last remnant loquacious echoes from that overhead pager drones out its final message bidding you farewell until the next day. It’s no bewildering fact that because of this we have little time to check all of our messages throughout an entire day. It is easy to overlook such a simple task, and it’s even easier to have a client hang up because they grow tired of waiting while on hold. These are just a few of the inevitable things that occur when dealing with the intricate workings of the business arena. It would be great if there were a way to track call details so a better system could be implemented to help businesses grow. No need to worry any longer, Apps Communications’ offers a call details report on their phone system to let you know how many customers hung up, how long they were waiting, and how many calls ended up being diverted to voicemail.

There are numerous occasions in the office when you are busy on the phone with an important business client. It is during a time like this when other people will try to get a hold of you for some vital reason. It is difficult to hang up with a client in order to attend to another call and rather offensive to the client as well. These incoming calls are either put on hold with music droning into their ears or transferred to voicemail where their message becomes a part of the voicemail Bermuda triangle. Too much of this scenario and your phone won’t be ringing at all. The call details report from Apps Communications helps you keep track of the number of hang up or dropped calls versus the time they were on hold. A good boss will always review these types of call details and make any adjustments in workload or employees as it is needed so business clientele will not be lost.

The Apps Communications’ call details report also shows the hold time on all phone calls and the average amount of time these customers were on hold. This will inform management whether or not the call details report is reflecting an individual employee spending too much time on each call or with other matters. It will also show the same for each department in order to determine if the entire group needs to focus more on business phone calls, or if additional personnel should be hired. In addition, the Apps Communications’ call detail option allows you to view the percentages of all calls sent to voicemail versus the calls answered by individuals or the overall department. There will always be times when you are away from your desk whether you are involved in a meeting with a manager or trying to fix a paper jam in the fax machine. Ultimately, some phone calls will need to be transferred over to voicemail, because of unavoidable situations. As long as you check your voicemail on a regular basis this usually does not become a major problem. However, we tend to overlook our messages at times because of our workload, and this level of unreturned messages can result in frustration for the client who never hears back from your company. Call details from Apps Communications keeps track of just how many of the phone calls to your company are being stored in voicemail compared to how many are actually being answered by your associates. Employees have an accountability factor when it comes to answering their telephone.

The call details feature available on Apps Communications’ phone system allows you to make adjustments to your entire office, if needed. An Apps Communications’ call details report not only helps your business grow, but aids in keeping those short-tempered hang up callers content.

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