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Business Call Tracker

As businesses strive for ways to reduce costs, they begin to reevaluate their space plans. A quick way to cut spending is through workstation sharing. This is a common practice within the Telecom industry. However, this scenario can work in any organization that implements a rotating schedule. This solution simply eliminates the permanent desk from the picture. Associates sit at a different location for every shift. This removes the ownership factor that employees naturally assume for an assigned cubical. By sharing the workstations you eradicate the need for large amounts of additional square footage to accommodate every employee. Although many companies can simply sit users wherever with no consequences, this is not the case for industries with individuals that conduct telemarketing or similar calls.

Apps Communications’ offers a simple solution to this problem. Through business call tracker your employees can sit at any desk and access all of the pertinent information they need to conduct their work. This service gives you two separate options that will notify the CRM application of the associate’s current workstation. Then a customer profile can be launched at the location. The customer profile feature allows users to receive data regarding the caller at their station. It interfaces with the CRM application to identify the associate’s location to determine what profile to send. By using both systems together, you will be able to better manage your office’s square footage for maximum results, while continuing to provide excellent customer service.

The first option is a sign in, sign out format. Associates sign in at their designated workstation. The system then sends the location of the user back to the CRM application. This is an easy way to move individuals from one desk to another. In addition, this feature could be paired up with the availability/time clock report to increase efficiency and ensure accountability. You will not only be able to assign associates to different areas with ease, you can ensure that productivity remains high. This is also an excellent way to ensure employees are arriving to work on time and are ready to take calls as scheduled. The second option is a three-digit code that users enter at any of the VoIP workstations. This number would then transmit the associate’s location to the CRM application again allowing the system to send them a customer profile.

This feature is unique because it can be used in the method that best suits your company’s needs. Whether you prefer the sign in method or the code option, you will receive the same quality results. In addition, because it communicates with CRM applications, you can enhance sales by implementing the customer profile feature. The end result is savings on the amount of square footage required for your staff and increased sales through customer profile launch. Either way it is a win-win scenario.

In this marketplace of global competition, it is imperative that businesses incorporate all of the tools available that will give them an edge. Business call tracker is a prime example of using all of the resources available to ensure profitability and productivity. Apps Communications understands the needs of business. We have developed features that will improve the workplace for both you and your employees. Business call tracker is just one way in which Apps Communications uses the technology available to create platforms that will benefit their clients. Apps Communications is committed to providing quality customer service, and products that will streamline your business. Through an innovative phone system, Apps Communications is able to meet the growing demand of commerce today, and they look forward to assisting you in the future.

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