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Black List Calling

At work, one has little time to talk on the telephone unless you are telemarketer or a receptionist. Most outgoing calls should be work oriented, focusing on a potential client or leaving messages for everyone to inform them of an upcoming meeting. The same holds true for incoming calls as well. When the phone rings at your desk you expect it be a customer wanting to receive more information about a product or maybe your boss letting you know about a large project coming up in the near future. However, sometimes the phone rings and it is not who you expected it to be. You wish not to talk because of other pressing needs, but you can't seem to get rid of them. Fear not, anymore, Apps Communications now offers a black list calling feature on its’ telephones so you can place these unwanted numbers on a designated list which will terminate the caller in the future or transfer them directly to voicemail.

Apps Communications’ black list calling option on their telephones is a must have for any business. There are numerous occasions on the job when pesky salespeople will call you trying to get you to sign up for a free trial offer or rambling on about how you will save money if you invest now instead of later. These calls can get quite annoying, especially when you are backed up at work. The black list calling option from Apps Communications allows you to place those loquacious sales numbers on a black list so the same caller can be identified for future reference. With black list calling you can have the system immediately hang up the next time a salesperson calls, or send them over to voicemail where they can leave their long droning message.

The black list calling option is also useful in other situations as well. Maybe you just broke up with your boyfriend, but he has not taken it too well and is constantly calling you at work begging for your attention. You hang up, but he continues to call and harass you on the job. Soon the entire department will have their heads turned in your direction giving you strange looks as you argue over the telephone. Apps Communications’ black list calling feature allows you to get rid of that relentless boyfriend so you can get back to business as usual.

Just about any number can be placed on a company’s black list. Employees who are receiving too many personal phone calls will usually be confronted face-to-face or terminated before their calls are placed on such a list. However, this can be done if desired. Any number added to black list calling will be targeted the next time that person tries to reach you. It is an easy, effective way of moving on with your busy day without the unneeded interruptions or hassles.

Black list calling by Apps Communications is a great option to have on your phone system. The black list calling feature can not only make a phone call vanish, like a rabbit placed into a hat, but gives you the satisfaction of knowing you will no longer be bothered at least while you are at work.


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