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Billing Reports

Money is what makes the world go round, so the old adage says. We use money to pay for cars, our mortgage and also to run a business. Businesses always need to be aware of their current expenses so that money can be allocated to pay for unexpected things should they come up. There are numerous bills, which require attention, and the phone bill is no exception. Apps Communications’ phone system is no stranger to this and we now offer billing reports to address the issue, which indicate the volume of phone usage and costs of this use.

The billing reports feature on Apps Communications’ phone system allows the client to specifically view usage and its costs over a daily, weekly or monthly cycle. These reports can be divided into separate categories based on individuals, certain departments or the entire company. How much money has been spent during this billing period will indicate if any changes need to be made on one or all three of these levels.

Many businesses deal with clients who live overseas or out of the area. Sometimes advertisements will offer a 1-800 number to call in order to inquire about a product. Situations like these usually add an additional out-of-pocket expense upon the company. For the most part it is worth paying the extra cost, if you are obtaining more clients. However, there can be slow times for any business. These expenses can add up quickly if the company is paying for the call but does not complete a sale. Apps Communications’ billing reports feature will allow you to get a handle on your phone expenses, by detailing the usage in different areas. For example, if an individual employee is displaying a higher phone usage cost, then combining a who's calling report with the billing report will indicate whether or not the employee’s above average expenses have been invested in business matters or personal agendas. This will tell an employer whether or not this individual is worth keeping on their staff or if a new hire needs to take over.

In addition to screening an employee, the Apps Communications’ billing reports option also allows an employer to focus their attention on a group of employees or the total company. Billing reports, which show higher phone charges for a department, may indicate too much time is being spent on long distance clientele. If sales have not increased in conjunction with the costs, a manager may push employees a bit more to entice clients to buy their product or to focus more on the ones who appeared interested rather then indecisive. Higher phone expenses on the billing reports accompanied by low sales production can cut into a company's overall budget. This affects pay raises, bonuses and the ability to hire more help, if needed. It ultimately boils down to an individual effort to do his or her part for the benefit of the larger group.

Remember, combining these billing reports with other phone usage reports offered by Apps Communications is an effective way to determine if the costs are productive or stale. Apps Communications is here to serve all of your billing reports needs. The people here at Apps Communications understand the importance of keeping your budget in check in order to expand your business to its full potential.

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