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Like all parts of the Internet, even online advertising has evolved to a new level. Banner ads are no longer static and boring images. They have been replaced with completely animated "mini-movies" used to grab the viewer's attention. Some Flash-enabled banners even go so far as to offer some limited functionality to interact with the user in hopes that a click will translate into website exposure.

Apps Communications is proud to announce our new Banner Package Program. Featuring the web's most commonly used sizes for banners, you can now pick which package is right for you. Need a single banner? Perhaps you need a whole suite of banners with animation as well. We also offer custom design options so you can get the exact banner size you need for any website you choose to advertise with. Below is an example of an Apps Banner Package. Be sure to check our Banner Guide to see all standard banner sizes.
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search engine optimization
search engine optimization
Example of LARGE banner size

banner swap
Example: Small
banner exchange
Example: Tiny

Example of MEDIUM banner size
banner exchange

Banner Rates:

Individual Banners:
Ultra (non-animated): $150.00   Ultra (Flash-animated) $280.00
Large (non-animated): $100.00   Large (Flash-animated) $180.00
Medium (non-animated): $89.00   Medium (Flash-animated) $110.00
Small (non-animated): $75.00   Small (Flash-animated) $100.00
Tiny (non-animated) $50.00   Tiny (Flash-animated) $89.00

PACKAGE: 1 any FOUR banner sizes (NO animation): $300.00
PACKAGE: 1-A any FOUR banner sizes with TWO animated & TWO non-animated: $400.00
PACKAGE: 1-B any FOUR banner sizes with ALL FOUR animated: $500.00
PACKAGE: 2 any TWO banner sizes (NO animation): $150.00
PACKAGE: 2-A any TWO banner sizes with ONE animated & ONE non-animated: $250.00
PACKAGE: 2-B any TWO banner sizes with BOTH animated: $300.00
ULTRA PACKAGE all FIVE banner sizes (NO animation) $350.00
ULTRA PACKAGE: A all FIVE banner sizes with TWO animated and THREE non-animated: $450.00
ULTRA PACKAGE: B all FIVE banner sizes with THREE animated and TWO non-animated: $550.00
ULTRA PACKAGE: C all FIVE banner sizes with FOUR animated and ONE non-animated: $650.00
DELUXE PACKAGE: all FIVE banner sizes with ALL FIVE animated: $750.00

PLEASE NOTE: The above prices reflect actual banner production time with supplied logos/photographs and an approved storyboard/plan for animation and design. Any pre-design sketches or storyboarding is billed at $89.00 per hour. Please contact us for any billing questions you may have.

To request more Information or have a Sales Representative call you, click here.
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