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Availability Time Clock

Businesses rely on their employees to be the workhorses when it comes to pushing a sale and keeping customer satisfaction at an adequate level. Employees in return are able to achieve job stability and take home a paycheck, on a regular basis. However, in order for this trade-off circumstance to exist employees must be accountable for showing up to work on time and not staying over unless permission is given. Apps Communications now offers an availability/time clock feature on its’ phone systems, which allows an employer to view an employee’s hours in contrast to their schedule.

The availability/time clock report is an essential part in running a business. This report gives the employer insight into how many hours an employee has worked, and whether or not some of those hours comprise any overtime. Apps Communications’ availability/time clock report can be separated into daily, weekly or monthly segments for viewing.

All businesses have to keep a close eye on are employees' total hours. If employees go over forty hours a week then overtime must be paid. Businesses do not particularly like paying overtime, especially if sales have been slow. Overtime is often a necessity during busier parts of the year, around the holidays for example. As long as the extra hours are approved by the employer, this is usually not a problem. However, it can become problematic if the employee decides to milk the clock a few extra hours without permission. The availability/time clock option allows the employer to keep these hours in check, and question an employee if they have accumulated overtime hours without permission.

A business has to keep all scheduled hours to a minimum in order to avoid paying copious amounts of money to employees, which could have been used to pay a bill or put towards a company Christmas party. The availability/time clock report also gives the employer knowledge on punctuality and attendance. It is important for employees to show up on time to their job, and the availability/time clock option displays not only the hours an employee worked, but also what time they checked in and checked out. This way the manager knows who is taking their job seriously, and who might have hit the snooze button one too many times before rolling out of bed.

In addition to staying on top of each employee’s hours, Apps Communications’ availability/time clock report can separate hours based on individual users, departments or the entire company. This allows the employer to see if a trend might be developing on a larger scale within the company. Moreover, employees can use a fingerprint option to clock in or swipe a timecard through the computer terminal to sign in, better known as key phob sign in. This feature is an added bonus with Apps Communications’ phone system.

There will always be early risers and late sleepers in the business world. Apps Communications’ availability/time clock report is one way to check who drank their early morning cup of coffee or who decided to wrestle in bed from that midnight hangover. The people at Apps Communications will continue to be there for you, even if your employees are not.

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