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Automated IVR Menus

In the 21st Century technology is key to the success of any business regardless of their size. Apps Communications understands the importance of staying up to date with the latest advances. It is through this passion that we have created an Automated IVR menus system, IVR meaning Interactive Voice Response that is user-friendly, but powerful.

Automated IVR menus provide access to telephone options that will enhance how your phone system accepts and distributes calls. Through Automated IVR menus you can disseminate calls in a timely, accurate manner to improve employee performance and customer satisfaction. In addition, Apps Communications has developed a system that can assist you in controlling labor costs by reducing or eliminating the need for a receptionist. Auto attendants process calls in the same way a receptionist would. You can set up an option for your customers to transfer to a particular department, individual or even an operator. This will either eliminate the need for a receptionist or reduce the amount of calls your receptionist receives freeing him or her up for other tasks. Regardless, the result is labor savings for your organization.

Through the automated IVR menus your business can easily access, modify, change or delete mailboxes, extensions and more. In addition, processing rules can be created to ensure proper transferring of incoming calls. Announcements can be customized as needed to inform customers of business hours, office closures or other pertinent information. These call routing and announcements can be quickly accomplished by building custom scripts through the automated IVR menus. Apps Communications has developed a system that does not require a professional to create workable scripts, but allows even a novice to easily customize the system through basics steps.

Call centers and help desks will appreciate the ability to monitor and process calls more efficiently. Automatic dialers can be programmed through automated IVR menus, which can be utilized to improve employee performance by effectively producing a new call after the completion of the previous one.

These highly evolved systems allow businesses to create touch-tone or voice activated menus, operate phone ordering systems, and manage technical support or helpdesk systems. Apps Communications has devised automated IVR menus that can be easily programmed for paging, call monitoring and company directories. Companies can even accept credit card payments from their customers over an automated phone system.

Apps Communications continues to develop ways to make automated IVR menus work for effectively with your phone system. By employing the latest in technological advances and updating our automated IRV menus with the tools our clients request, we are achieving our mission of providing the best quality service and products available.

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